Fresh Meat 2: Noor Jehangir

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King Noor! Robbed Challenge king

That’s a recent photo? He look fine asl

Robbed King

Love how next season we got Vinny and Luke 

He was hysterical at the reunion 

Love how next season we got Vinny and Luke 

I actuall really like Luke though, OG Camila Troll. His foresight >>>>>

Noor is great too though. Vinny, not so much.

Don't do Luke like that. Stoner king, trolled Camila before Tori made it her job. 

His Thread pic of him eating a Banana. So hot.

I wonder what that mouth can do.

Literally can't remember a single thing he did. Definition of wallpaper. 

The only reason I remember Noor is because he had asthma. And it gave me hope lmao.

Sorry I fell asleep, which thread was I in again?


Mike Lewis just did an interview with him

lol his new main pic on here

This is random but he won tonight's night's episode of holey moley and will be competing in the finale for the cash prize