Fresh Meat 2: Jillian Zoboroski

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Fresh Meat 2: Jillian Zoboroski

Jillian Zoboroski Gauntlet 3 champion Jillian, won more than just the grand prize on her last Challenge, she also won the heart of fellow competitor, Frank. The two lovebirds are still together and Jillian reveals, "Frank kind of sent me here to win," and that is exactly what Jillian plans to do. Always underestimated, Jillian took out opponent after opponent on Gauntlet 3, and while she is small, she knows how to get the job done. But will this Los Angeles nanny be able to nurse her new partner to victory?

wow she looks good in this pic, i didn't even recognize her
Yeah, she has a more mature look. An older, more sophisticated look. She looks nice. I'm glad she is still with Frank, and I think it's funny that Frank sent her to win.
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I'm glad to see her again. I loved her on Gauntlet 3. She looks a lot more mature!
She is hot!! She is still young. Right? She was only 18 when she did RR.
yep, she was 18 then
She does look good but I think she looked better on G3.
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Jill's facebook said single last time I seen it..hope they didn't break up.
Jillian's cool... Hope she does well.
Jillian's a hottie! Glad she's back.
I always liked her....
I did not like her at first during RR: Extreme, but she won me over during the challenges. Plus, she is a great competitor.
I've always been "eh" with Jillian... It's nice to see her on the challenges she does though because she's not on them all the damn time like 70% of the casts these days.
Jill is a GREAT competetor and definetly one of my my favorites:D Plus, she isn't one of the usual suspects for these things, so that's a plus;)
My feelings for her have always been pretty mutual. Judging by her pictures, she almost seems too mature for the challenges if anyone knows what I mean. haha
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Omg who cares of she is mature or not it's for the money lol
Jillian was the main topic of drama on the rookie team on The Gauntlet 3. Hopefully, she has the same effect this time!
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Judging by the previews she is going to be part of the Kenny/Wes beef
They are having that beef again ... talk about pounding the meat too much. They are making that whole deal from steak into hamburger.
I love Jillian. A lot like why I love KellyAnne. Even on Gauntlet 2, when she lost to Kina, I thought that was one of the best eliminations I had ever seen. She doesn't talk a huge game and then not perform. She's incredibely athetlic and Pete couldn't have asked for a better partner (except maybe Ev) in my book.
Thanks for posting, suz. I found it interesting that the interviewer was trying to say that Landon was so dull for such and such reasons, yet Jillian would say she's kind of like that (whatever trait he threw out), too. Maybe he was more interested in her because she's a cute girl? I don't know. Glad they cleared up the situation with her dating Frank, too, although it sounded odd to me. Couldn't she elect not to have her dating status shown at all?
I wasn't sure where to post this, but it was posted on the dailies here: [url=]Challenge Dailies | Video | You Don't Talk to Women Like That[/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]
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Jill OWNED Pete in that convo LOL
apparently Jill and Pete broke up also according to that daily thread
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I hate this girl more than any other female that has ever been on any challenge or Real World or Road Rules season ever. I hope she never does another challenge ever again.
[QUOTE=TSPKM;184415]I hate this girl more than any other female that has ever been on any challenge or Real World or Road Rules season ever. I hope she never does another challenge ever again.[/QUOTE] Really!? Are you sure you're thinking about this? I mean, [I]really[/I] thinking about this one?
You hate Jillian for standing up for herself? What should she do, sit there and allow herself to be degraded? Her response to Pete seemed pretty well-spoken and evidence-based. I don't see why her response would garner so much hate for herself.
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Jill lost so many points with me this challenge not that it matters but still what's up with the whining and weird attitude?
I agree with Jillian on THIS topic when it refers to Pete. But throughout this entire challenge, she just rubbed me the wrong way. She seemed to constantly be complaining. I don't know, it just annoyed me.