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Flipping Out
[B]Flipping Out[/B] [CENTER][IMG]http://vevmo.com/images/flip01.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] The second season of Bravo's hit series "Flipping Out" returns with everyone's favorite obsessive-compulsive house-flipper, Jeff Lewis. It takes a special kind of personality to handle flipping six multimillion-dollar houses at one time, but Lewis, one of Los Angeles' most colorful creative renovators and real estate speculators, pulls it off and turns a six-figure profit on every property. With the soft market teaching flippers new lessons as home sales decline, there's never a dull moment for Lewis and his intriguing cast of characters. Lewis makes his living with the help of a group of diverse and often disgruntled employees he counts as friends. These include an assistant who moonlights doing voiceover work, a housekeeper and two house assistants, as well as his official "trash man," who moonlights as an actor and his assistant's husband. Add to the mix his business partner and former boyfriend, his various therapists and spiritual advisors and it's clear that this intriguing cast of characters lives as one big dysfunctional family. Like most families, Lewis' extended family has its share of issues, which results in the occasional confrontation and even a firing or two. Aware of his "Flipping Out" tendencies, Lewis attempts to counteract them with therapy, spiritual healers, psychics, and other advisors, but things are always flipping in Lewis' world. "Let's face it, the people I have working for me aren't necessarily the most qualified individuals," notes Lewis. "But the people that take care of me and my home and my pets are the most important part of this business. They can't leave. I can't do this without them." Each day comes with a new barrage of problems – from dealing with suspicions of his staff (that leads him to install a nanny cam on site), while trying to turn over a new leaf, exercise patience and treat his staff with dignity. But, as Jenni says "it’s a long process." Lewis also must contend with market fluctuations, since three of his projects have yet to flip, driving him to expand his business and pick up property renovations instead. Lewis is forced to work for others (which he hates), but in his own inimitable style takes on massive multimillion remodeling jobs. [[URL="http://www.bravotv.com/Flipping_Out/index.php"]via Bravo[/URL] ]
I "secretly" love this show and watch religiously. I am glad all my favorite junk tv shows on Bravo are making there way back this summer. Network television is listless after finale season (Late May-Early June) and so I fill my viewing schedule with whatever I can. In the case of Flipping Out, it is worth tuning in.
FYI, Beth S. (Real World: Los Angeles) attended the Fox Reality "Really Awards" taping with Jeff last year. They have been Hollywood friends for years. There was some talk of her showing up on his show this season as a possible home buyer, but I don't think they every pulled that together.
Flipping Out marathon (season 1) starts today at 4:00 PM ET! If you have not seen the show and have a few hours to waste - this is the ticket. Season 2 Premieres tonight at 10. Jeff Lewis is a wacko!
New season, same Jeff. I am watching the premiere of season 3 right now. :D
I LOVE Flipping Out! I watched part of the marathon this weekend. Can't wait for the premier tonight! My friend and I even went on a mini house hunt in LA and saw some of his houses, being crazy design nerds and all...
I really enjoy this show as well!
Love the show, but new character Morgan bugs me to no end and Andrew is trying too hard for the cameras or a bad actor. Morgan cannot take a joke, has no sense of humor, and is no fun to hang out with. She is the exact type of person who would complain about not getting promoted, but does nothing to connect with people outside or during their job. She is the person at work who you are constantly walking on eggshells with.