Dexter: Ep. 209 - Resistance is Futile

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Dexter: Ep. 209 - Resistance is Futile
What a relief! So it looks like this really can be framed on Doakes! Wait, why are the lose ends getting tied up so early here. Something must be going on! There are still three episodes left and I am just waiting for all hell to break loose again! The whole thing with Dexter having to choose to kill Doakes or not.....if Doakes didn't murder anyone then he shouldn't do it right? I mean all the people Doakes killed were justified, right? Probably not. I was almost thinking that when they showed Doakes passed out that we would see him next on a table wrapped in cellophane! :devil2: I am so glad that Dex is trying to get back with Rita. She is hot, she has a great heart and awesome kids. It would be really hard for Dex to do better. So, he needs to off Doakes, Off Lila and then settle down with Rita and family. [B] Live happily ever after.[/B] ....but There's Something About Harry.
I am so glad I toughed it out this episode. When the Feds brought him in it was all the iron will I had NOT to change the channel!! I know a show is good when I am so involved in it that my stomach turns in knots and I pace the room whenever things get tense! I TOTALLY CALLED IT!!! Haha! It got pinned on Doakes!!!! I have no idea what Dex is going to do from this point. If he doesn't kill Doakes, it is all over. But it is really hard to justify killing Doakes, as much as I can't stand him. But Harry's code doesn't say anything about killing someone just for having good instincts. Howe Maybe there was something more to the on the job shootings than we think??? Hopefully??? :D Oh, and there's three episodes left?? I thought that the preview said that next week is the season finale....
I checked Showtime earlier when I was making sure the calendar was up to-date... and yep only three episodes left, finale is on Dec. 16th.