Dexter: Ep. 201 - It's Alive!

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Dexter: Ep. 201 - It's Alive!
So what did everyone think? Was it worth the wait? I felt that the episode was a little slow, but I guess that can be expected after the crescendo that we came off of with season 1. It will be back on pace soon. I know that for a fact. What is weird for me is that there was no wait. I watched season one 2 weeks ago in full and moved right over into season two! I think the best way to really enjoy a show is to watch it from the beginning on DVD in a marathon fashion. It is what I did to get into Grey's Anatomy, Lost, 24 and now Dexter. Ok....back to the Mr Dexter. I don't want to comment much as I have seen the next one as well and don't want to give anything away. What I will conjecture is that the situation with Rita is going to get interesting for sure. She has really come out of her shell of late. Maybe she will find out Dexter is a serial killer? ......but not care.....that much? I mean he is the best thing that ever happened to her! I doubt it.....but you never know. (I have more to say but I am messing up ep1 and ep2 in my head so I'll stop before I become the evil Dexter spoiler on this thread.)
I liked it well enough. I can't believe they found all his bodies. I'm guessing that will be the main storyline this season. I still love how in this show it makes you root for the serial killer. Awesome. Anyway, all in all a good beginning of the season. Rita's kind of getting on my nerves. Looks from the previews like they are introducing a new love interest that Dexter actually comes clean with.... butttt previews are very misleading more often than not. All in all I am really looking forward to season two!
I think the "Bay Harbor Butcher" storyline is awesome! ...and is weird how they have tricked us into pulling for Dexter. We will be with him at every turn hoping that he is not caught! I hated it in season 1 when the ice truck killer set him up. That was so unsportsmanlike as a fellow serial killer! I was so relieved when Dexter sold out his sister (who had the killer profile nailed) and planted evidence to finger the husband (who BTW they are probably going to find in the Bay!)
I'm so excited that they found another way to reel us back in. I wondered over the break how they would top the Ice Truck Killer storyline. I don't think that Dexter has a new love interest - she's some sort of "mentor" for his addiction. Rita gets a little jealous, though. Remember, the last person that he confessed to who he was ended up dead?
I like Dexter with Rita - So I hope that whatever happens, their relationship continues to grow.
[quote=Bacchus;791]I like Dexter with Rita - So I hope that whatever happens, their relationship continues to grow.[/quote] I agree!