Dexter: The Countdown Begins

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Dexter: The Countdown Begins
46 hours and counting....
Did I mention I have already seen the first two episodes? I'll stay tight lipped until you catch up :)
I can't wait, I just really hope that it's as good as season 1!!
[QUOTE=Bacchus;359]Did I mention I have already seen the first two episodes? I'll stay tight lipped until you catch up :)[/QUOTE] You better if you know what's good for you. 25hrs 45min
I am so flipping excited! My Sunday nights have been so empty, I have been forced to watch Rock of Love. BLEH! Anyhoo, the writers definitely have a tough task this season. Last season the whole cat and mouse game with the Ice Truck Killer, and all the revelations about his past and where he came from was great. But where do you go from there for season two??
[quote]But where do you go from there for season two??[/quote] Well since you asked: Dexter ******** **** ****** and then the ****** find ******* in the ******* ****** which leads to ******** getting **** ******and starting ****** which causes ******** to ****** ****** ***** ****** ******! Insane!!! Ya know?
You're such a goober, lol. Well I'm sure the whole Rita finding the boot thing is probably gonna be a big deal, but that doesn't sound like too interesting of a storyline. I wanna know if his foster sister actually did hear Dexter talking to his brother about being a killer while she appeared to be passed out?? Because that could be crazy...
This is a Dexter preview trailer from Showtime that gives a hint as to the new storyline. It shows micro clips of things as far ahead as the end of episode 2. It was on Showtime, so it is not really a spoiler I guess....but being that I have seen episodes 1 & 2 I can say it does give somethings away that it otherwise would have taken you some time to arrive at... [B]ONLY WATCH IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW![/B]
Oh shit! Now I'm more excited than ever!!!
So now you know what the plot line for the new season is going to be about? I think it is going to be sweet!
Yeah, I made the mistake of watching that trailer on Showtime's website last night. But, I'm looking forward to it! 4hrs 48min
2hrs 21min
14 days 2 hours 18 minutes
[QUOTE=Bacchus;490]14 days 2 hours 18 minutes[/QUOTE] Ha ha ha **** ha
Well that is how long until there is a new episode for me :)
I was so mad last night! I never heard that Dexter would be on at 8:00CST instead of 9:00CST like last year! So here I am watching Desperate Housewives and getting ready to record Brothers and Sisters so I could watch Dexter, and I just happened to flip over to Showtime at 8:45. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was almost over! So, I had to stay up an hour longer than I wanted (and really, needed) to, and caught the replay of it at 10:00. Boy am I glad that I did! I cannot believe that he lost his nerve to kill that first guy. And I was shocked that they killed Paul off. I cannot wait for next Sunday!
I was happy they killed off Paul. He was annoying me. This will move us into new storyline territory :) Maybe we find out that Rita is really secretly a serial killer! lol.