Dexter Coming to CBS!

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Dexter Coming to CBS!
[B][SIZE=3]Dexter is coming to CBS on February 17th[/SIZE][/B] [IMG]http://********.**.***/photos/uncategorized/2008/01/07/dexter_l.jpg[/IMG] In a significant move designed to further strike-proof its schedule, CBS will begin airing repeats of Showtime's cult hit fave Dexter on Feb. 17. The show just wrapped its second season on the CBS-owned premium cable network. The Eye says it will edit the first season of the series -- a graphic drama starring Michael C. Hall (pictured, far left, with C.S. Lee) as a forensics expert who moonlights as a serial killer -- for broadcast at 10 p.m. Sundays. By opting to air 12 episodes of Dexter, CBS will become the first broadcast network to program an entire season of a premium cable series. There has been speculation for some time that CBS would call up one of Showtime's buzzworthy shows to help fill the void on its schedule while the strike looms large. Dexter, with its roots in the crime world, made the most sense for the network home to the CSI franchise, Cold Case, NUMB3RS and Criminal Minds. On the other hand, Weeds, though an award-winning critical fave, could be difficult for the Eye to air because some viewers have suggested that the drama about a suburban drug dealing mom promotes marijuana use. [ via [URL=""]EW[/URL] ]
Not sure how I feel about this as they are going to have to cut it to bits in order to make it FCC approved material for broadcast. This is why I never watch HBO or Showtime series that have been ported over to cable. On the other hand, this is a great show and being that I have already seen it I'll probably tune in for a second time just to relive a little bit of the past. This is the best show on television right now so why not open it up to a wider audience and sell a few Showtime subscriptions for season 3! [CENTER] [/CENTER]
If it does happen, I'll watch. Edited or not. :D We have cable shows run on some of our Canadian Networks.
[quote=Kathleen;5519]If it does happen, I'll watch. Edited or not. :D We have cable shows run on some of our Canadian Networks.[/quote] It is a go. I saw the commercials today while I was watching golf on CBS. You're so lucky ********......*** get to see it for the first time!
I just wanted you to know that while watching the Super Bowl, CTV (Canadian network) announced that they will be airing Dexter in two weeks. The promos were well done and I anxiously await to experience the show.
I think you are going to like it. Being that it is on late at night (10 right?) and television standards are lapsing at a record rate, the show will only be lightly edited during the most graphic of scenes. Otherwise, I think the full Dexter experience will be available to the masses and is really going to take off. I look forward to your thoughts!
CTV ran the Soprano's Sunday nights, and I think they only bleeped out the f-word. I am curious to see if they will be running the edited CBS version or the original with the swearing censored. CTV also runs Nip and Tuck...(and the MTV shows, but that's late night on the weekends).
On Dexter it is less about swearing and more gore. How much of a power drill cutting into someone's chest (with blood spurting) are they going to show? That is why I am shocked that this is actually coming to Network TV. They are definitely going to push the censors. Also, there are entire clips (5-10 minutes in a stretch) that have nudity. I am not sure how they will deal with that as cutting out huge parts of the story don't seem like an acceptable option. In season 2 one character makes it a right of passage to walk around topless ALL THE TIME. Why do you think I watch? ;)