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Debbie Does Dexter
I would have never guessed that these two would end up becoming an item! [quote] Michael C. Hall plays the nicest crime-solving serial killer you ever met on the hit show [I]Dexter[/I], while Jennifer Carpenter costars as his detective sister with a Daddy complex. But the on-set siblings share an even closer bond when the cameras are off: The pair are dating, sources tell PEOPLE. [CENTER][URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [/CENTER] "I don't see what the big deal is," says a source close to the couple. "They play brother and sister on the show, but they [I]are[/I] actors, after all." Hall and Carpenter were spotted dining at the Sunset Tower Hotel last week following the news that [I]Dexter[/I] had nabbed a prestigious Peabody award. "It was romantic," says an observer of their back-of-the-restaurant dinner. "They were drinking champagne and there was the clinking of glasses. They were clearly celebrating." But on the set, it's back to business says a [I]Dexter[/I] source: "Michael and Jennifer really enjoy working together, but they are always very professional on set," says the source. "But, no question, they are having fun." Reps for Hall and Carpenter had no comment. [/quote][URL=",,20190572,00.html"][via People ][/URL] [B]BTW:[/B] I have been waiting 8 months to write a headline as fun as that one! ;)
Oh Bacchus! LOL you're too much. ;)
Not really interested in Dexter but I had to check this one out
[quote=markt_99;10247]Not really interested in Dexter but I had to check this one out[/quote] For the non Dexter inclined: Jennifer Carpenter is Debbie on the show and Micheal C. Hall is Dexter. :D
whoaAAAA I did NOT know this! all caught up...and this show is BRILLIANT. i am its bitch.
hmm... i'd feel squeamish about playing someone's sister if i was doing him offscreen.
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isn't that the crazy girl from White Chicks?
[quote=renaldob;17494]isn't that the crazy girl from White Chicks?[/quote] Yep, that's her.
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she's pretty good looking.
Eh, she's not really my type, I'm not into ***** unless they're my own. She's a decent actress though.
I've been looking at that headline forever and curiosity finally won out. Bacchus, you are too much. ;)
I love this show so much. The season 2 finale was amazing. Anybody know when the third season is going to start airing?
[quote=Bandit;18782]I love this show so much. The season 2 finale was amazing. Anybody know when the third season is going to start airing?[/quote] A third season of Dexter was announced following the season two finale, in which an ad ran assuring Dexter would return in 2008. Season three will premiere September 28, 2008 on Showtime. Jimmy Smits has signed on to the season 3 cast. He will play Miguel Prado, an assistant district attorney who will work with Dexter to pursue a murderer who has affected both of their lives.
Can't wait! Seriously though, showtime subscribers should check out Secret Diary of a Callgirl, it is gooood!
[[URL=""]via AP[/URL]] [quote]NEW YORK - They play brother and sister on "Dexter." Now in real life, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are husband and wife. Hall's spokesman, Craig Bankey, said on Friday that the couple eloped in California on New Year's Eve. They'll walk the red carpet together at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday _ the first time publicly acknowledging their relationship. Hall, 37, and Carpenter, 29, just finished the third season of "Dexter," the Showtime series in which Hall plays the murderous title character. They've been quietly dating for about a year and a half. At their wedding, Carpenter's grandfather's wedding band was attached to her bouquet of white roses.[/quote]
[QUOTE=Bacchus;43946][[URL=""]via AP[/URL]][/QUOTE] I heard about this! Congrats to both of them. I still haven't seen Season 3. Gotta get on that.
Congratulations Hall and Carpenter! That's exciting