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I have recently seen a few of the re-runs on LifeTime and I must say; What a crazy show. I think the shiow is educational, political, and entertaining all at the same time. This is what I think so far... Abby Lee Miller- Hypocrite, rude, and shows wayyy to much favoritism and she LOVES to sterotype. Chrisit- Coniving and sneaky. I hate how she talks about Melissa and says that Melissa only cares about her daugther, but Christi could really care less about the other girls she says nice things but, her body language shows her true colors. She's stuck up and I don't like her. Kelly- Probably my favorite dance mom. She really tries to do what she thinks is best for her daughters and she genuinely cares about the other girls. Melissa- Annoying as HELL. Every dance her daughter does is her favorite freaking dance and she acts like she only has one child. All you ever here is, maddie, Maddie, MADDIE! Holly- Puts her foot down when it counts but, why the hell would she keep her daugter there when Abby only uses her for little parts and sterotypical ethnic dances. Chole- Cute and beautiful dancer. She probably has the best technique, but she needs an attitude adjustment. Maddie- Pretty amazing for a little kid her age but, Abby is going to create a monster if she keeps treating that child the way that she does. Brooke-I love her. She has amazing acro technique and shes funny. Paige- Overlooked. She is talented, but she needs to work on her self confidence. Nia-Spunky little kid with real potential but Abby keeps her in the background so no one can see that. Makenzie- Adorable but, I felel like she is only in dance because her mom put her there. I think if she had a choice, she would do something else. Does anybody else watch this show? What are your thoughts?

I empathize with the girls wanting something so bad that you would be willing to subject themselves through hell to just for a shot at greatness.

I'm binge watching right now and Season 2 is fantastic TV. Christi and Kelly never take their foot out of Melissa's neck and even Holly comes swinging for Abby a couple times Lol

Kelly went IN!

when is this show coming back

when is this show coming back

Probably never. Abby is in a halfway house and recently got diagnosed with cancer. 

The girls will be college age soon I think

JUMPY wrote:

when is this show coming back

Probably never. Abby is in a halfway house and recently got diagnosed with cancer. The girls will be college age soon I think

damn that sucks.  I thought Cheryl Burke was taking over.  I just googled and saw the official cancellation announcement aww.   RIP Dance Moms!  


Abby is consulting with surgeons. I'm pretty sure she still has cancer, but she can't walk anymore since she got evacuated from jail to the hospital earlier this year.

oh snap!

Unfortunately, Abby has a long history of being racist and production were notorious for editing out terrible things she did. In Kelly's lawsuit she alleged Abby made a racist comment to Nia and production bought the girls iPads the next day to calm the moms down

Cant wait for Nia to make her debut on the challenge 38

this show can rot for it's treatment of camryn that was def weird

and when Nia comes onto the challenge 40