The Challenge: Free Agents - Ratings

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The Challenge: Free Agents - Ratings
[ATTACH]4328[/ATTACH] That premier deserved way better.
That's bad but I'm not that surprised. The promotion was a joke and almost seemed like MTV wanted it to fail. Although, the numbers MTV receives probably look better than what we're seeing so maybe they like it. Plus, seasons usually peak towards the middles so the numbers should increase week to week.
Omg... That is actually a terrible premiere for the Challenge. The episode was really good too, so hopefully it'll increase. I agree that the promotion has been a joke.
I wasn't expecting great numbers with a lack of promotion, but OUCH. The episode was great and I hope ratings will drastically rise.
I guess Iever was the only one with my hopes up! I thought changing the night, promoting "no alliances" and playing individual would tune in viewers who hate people who coast by, and they still showed that everyones favorite... CT was going to be competing.