The Challenge: Free Agents - Pride Before The Wall

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The two individual challenges so far are trivia, and log rolling in the sand onto bread
[QUOTE=Debut Album;414140]Leroy looked hot.[/QUOTE] great body but that face is something only a mother could love!
This silly challenge reminds me of the old school gauntlet challenges, like the chicken suit, or the ice cream challenge.
Wow Laurel is literally destroying everybody. She's GOAT
Laurel dominates even in something as silly as rolling in saran wrap... What is this music?!
Not a good effort from Jessica it looks like
Doesn't this music make you wanna... twerk?
How's that sand taste girls?
[QUOTE=v123;414148]great body but that face is something only a mother could love![/QUOTE] He can be cute in the face from an angle though.
Cara you gonna try to pass Laurel, or just tell her to get first place?
Devyn back stabbed you when you back stabbed her and the whole team first to save your own sorry *****? Pot calling the kettle black, much?
Big time Zach is scared, okay did not see that coming.
Why is zach always panicking
Yasss laurel and cara showing their queen status :beaten:
[QUOTE=TDMEL52;414158]Big time Zach is scared, okay did not see that coming.[/QUOTE] Zach freaks out too easily
[QUOTE=JayTee;414146]only 3 guys and 2 girls going into the draw? that's so dumb why not have everyone go into the draw?[/QUOTE] Exactly. I hate that only certain people go into the Draw. It's stupid as hell.
A lot of these challenges and finals deal with not being put in comfortable situations, zach doesn't seem to be able to handle being out of his comfort zone he's a freakout type
Zach might freak out, but I for one don't want to deal with a freaked out Zach, probably would punch me in the face.
How the fudge did Jessica make it that far ahead?
Jessica is actually doing really well this whole Challenge...
If I'm Theresa I quit now because my odds are better in the draw
Nice Jessica.
Devyn is garbage
To Tamara!!!
[QUOTE=JayTee;414170]Devyn is garbage[/QUOTE] Jonna & Nany struggling there made sense Devyn always struggles