The Challenge: Free Agents - Jessica McCain

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I can't get over Jess killing the challenge careers of two promising males (Dustin, Johnny Reilly) simply by being paired with them lol

Dustin's meltdown at the casting producer calling for Bloodlines ended his career


I though she was going to be the new cara

One Cara is enough.

Loved her - all of the Portland ladies - I was sad they didn't use them all more: Jess, Averey, Anastasia, Nia and heck even Joi would have been fun to see on one. Do they still call Jess? I know earlier this year when I was on Instagram she was answering questions and she said she was open to it if the timing was right. 

Of all the people to want back, this useless *****? Really? 

So why was her thread bought up again if nothing going on with her?

She had brains for dailies but I think she gets nervous in eliminations. 

slammed cara, ate her up

So why was her thread bought up again if nothing going on with her?

Someone re watched free agents

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love her. loved all the Portland ladies...wish they all still made occasional appearences.  Her best season was def Free Agents.   She looks great and looks super happy!

She wasn't my favorite cause she was super babygirl on the show but at the same time, I think she was a good casting choice. Not the most over the top, memorable personality like Nia but she had a good amount of storylines and was really relatable, like she struck me as someone that anyone could know in real life.  

Ugly dumb Trump supporter.

 she'd do way better had she debuted today. that free agents/vendettas type format worked for her more than the duo formats

Queen of losing her virginity twice

Enjoyed the Mike Lewis podcast/interview...

She's so bubbly...

new Episode is up with her!

I was surprised to hear Reilly shoved her





One of the worse competitors from her era 

Who is this

She looks just like Lilanet(christopher's wife)

Loved her! I was so sad she stopped appearing on the show <3

She's probably going to be excited to see her thread bumped, but i'm only doing it to tell her to shut up. Stay out of Amanda's business. 

She is an innovator. She was the ORIGINAL cast member to constantly repeat the theme of the show in her confessional. Can't count how many times she screamed "THIS IS FREE AGENTS! I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!". After her people proceeded to shout out the theme in the following seasons Vendettas, Dirty 30, SLI, etc.