The Challenge: Free Agents - Inadequate

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The Challenge: Free Agents - Inadequate
[COLOR=#101010][FONT=Proxima Nova][FONT=times new roman]An egotistical attitude creates tension in the house. Meanwhile, kvm1977 spends the entire episode painting Jordan as the next Hitler. [/FONT] [/FONT][/COLOR][CENTER] [/CENTER]
This is gonna be a good one.
Let's CHALLENGE tonight!
" Meanwhile, kvm1977 spends the entire episode painting Jordan as the next Hitler." LOL. My showing is in 6 hours. Hope it's a good ep!
I'm hoping for some good rating with this episode...
Welcome back Cystic!!!!
Aneesa has the best reaction faces this season. Her face when Jasmine was trying to strip... her face upon seeing Laurel and Jordan... love it.
Aneesa is CRACKING ME UP!!!!
Aneesa's reactions has been amazing so far!
This episode is really funny so far!
Hahaha at Zach's face
Camila killing me with that Zach impression. Should've been in the Black Hole Sun music vid.
Jordan is ******* lucky
This challenge looks amazing! I would love to play me some of this.
Gee I wonder which team is going to win, the one with the extra guy or the one with the extra girl
This is gonna be hilarious and physical.
"I look like a fat girl" Omg that's great Zach. Anyway, this could have easily been an individual challenge. Riot act from cutthroat except in these big balls.
Cara Maria needs to pick better teams
For my names same lol Bananas is funny as hell.
Preston has been last picked for every challenge...ouch.
Rajon Rondo come on step it up!!
Jeez...Cohutta getting picked so late...
Lmao Cara Maria's team sucks... even Cohutta's like "we only have Zach" lol
Um wait did someone just knock over TJ!!!!
Preston is the gift that never stops giving.
This seems like a more fun episode so far. Drama coming up even looks genuine.
****** with the damn Catfish commercials. At this point if you're being Catfished you probably deserve it.
I think cara has a good team actually but once again I'm in the minority as with most yet things that require opinions regarding challenges.
The rookies getting up in Laurel's space...this looks good.
[QUOTE=JL81790;407419]Jeez...Cohutta getting picked so late...[/QUOTE] He's small...same reason Jonna went late This challenge is about size Cohutta was finally funny IMO--Cara picked an awful team