The Challenge: Free Agents - Cast

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The Challenge: Free Agents - Cast
This season's cast of 28 departed on Wednesday, October 16 and headed to [B]Montevideo, Uruguay[/B]. TJ Lavin hosts, as per usual. [COLOR=#0000cd][B]MEN:[/B][/COLOR] [B] Brandon Nelson[/B], Fresh Meat II [ATTACH]3100[/ATTACH] [b]Brandon Swift[/b], Real World: St. Thomas [ATTACH]3275[/ATTACH] [B]Chet Cannon[/B], Real World: Brooklyn [ATTACH]3090[/ATTACH] [B]Chris Tamburello[/B]​, Real World: Paris [ATTACH]3110[/ATTACH] [B] Cohutta Grindstaff[/B], Real World: Sydney [ATTACH]3106[/ATTACH] [B] Dustin Zito[/B], Real World: Las Vegas [ATTACH]3103[/ATTACH] [b]Frank Sweeney[/B], Real World: San Diego [ATTACH]3109[/ATTACH] [b]Isaac Stout[/b], Real World: Sydney [ATTACH]3273[/ATTACH] [B]Johnny Devenanzio[/B], Real World: Key West [ATTACH]3097[/ATTACH] [B] Johnny Reilly[/B], Real World: Portland [ATTACH]3094[/ATTACH] [B] Jordan Wiseley[/B], Real World: Portland [ATTACH]3087[/ATTACH] [B]Leroy Garrett[/B], Real World: Las Vegas [ATTACH]3089[/ATTACH] [b]Preston Roberson-Charles[/b], Real World: New Orleans [ATTACH]3274[/ATTACH] [b]Zach Nichols[/B], Real World: San Diego [ATTACH]3091[/ATTACH] [B] [COLOR=#ff0000]WOMEN:[/COLOR] Aneesa Ferreira[/B], Real World: Chicago [ATTACH]3107[/ATTACH] [B] Camila Nakagawa[/B], Spring Break Challenge [ATTACH]3116[/ATTACH] [B] Cara Maria Sorbello[/B], Fresh Meat II [ATTACH]3096[/ATTACH] [B] Devyn Simone[/B], Real World: Brooklyn [ATTACH]3093[/ATTACH] [B]Emilee Fitzpatrick[/B], Real World: Cancun [ATTACH]3115[/ATTACH] [B] Jasmine Reynaud[/B], Real World: Cancun [ATTACH]3105[/ATTACH] [B] Jemmye Carroll[/B], Real World: New Orleans [ATTACH]3104[/ATTACH] [B] Jessica McCain[/B], Real World: Portland [ATTACH]3099[/ATTACH] [B] Jonna Mannion[/B], Real World: Cancun [ATTACH]3101[/ATTACH] [B] Latoya Jackson[/B], Real World: St. Thomas [ATTACH]3092[/ATTACH] [B]Laurel Stucky[/B], Fresh Meat II [ATTACH]3108[/ATTACH] [B] Nany Gonzalez[/B], Real World: Las Vegas [ATTACH]3095[/ATTACH] [B]Nia Moore[/B], Real World: Portland [ATTACH]3098[/ATTACH] [B]Theresa Gonzalez[/B], Fresh Meat II [ATTACH]3102[/ATTACH]
Cast update. Thanks to those who alerted me.
I am now able to say that after some tweaking, the cast list is 100% correct.
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