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There has already been a Gauntlet 3.
Okay I've done this Fantasy cast before, but I'm going to try this again being more realistic. So, Coral and The Miz are never coming back. I just need to get over it. This is who I'd like to see on Challenge 20 and I'm trying to include only people I think actually might be willing to do a challenge. DC - Emily DC - Mike Cancun - Joey Cancun - Jonna Brooklyn - Scott (just because he said he wants to take down JEK) Brooklyn - Sarah Hollywood - Kim Hollywood - Dave Sydney - KellyAnne Sydney - Cohutta Denver - Jenn Denver - Davis Key West - Zach Key West - Svetlana Austin - Wes Austin - Rachel or Melinda now that she's not with Danny might be interesting RR Xtreme: Derrick RR Xtreme: Jillian Fresh Meat: Evelyn Fresh Meat: Evan FM2: Cara Maria FM2: Noor I guess I was still going for a Battle of the Seasons type thing here since I picked male and female from each season. I wanted to include Landon but couldn't come up with a girl from Philly that I'd like to see that might actually come back. Plus there are only 11 teams there so guess it has to be an even number... Maybe RR Viewer's revenge would send a team, just not sure if I would care to see any of them. Not sure how to split the teams in half.
If there is an Inferno IV, here is my cast Good Guys Alton-RW Las Vegas Mark-RR 1 Landon-RW Philadelphia Brad-RW San Diego Andrew-RW DC Kellyanne-RW Sydney Sarah-RW Brooklyn Jonna-RW Cancun Callie-RW DC Ruthie-RW Hawaii Bad ***** Wes-RW Austin Abram-RR South Pacific Ty-RW DC CT-RW Paris Joey-RW Cancun Ayiiia-RW Cancun Ashley-RW DC Evelyn-Fresh Meat 1 Jenn-RW Denver Emily-RR 2 I know this is all fanatsy but it would be a great season. I do not know much about the new Fresh Meaters, so it was impossible for me to make the list, whether they were good or bad.
[U][B]The Showdown[/B][/U] Cast 1. Jose (RW Key West) 2. Kendal (RR Campus Crawl) 3. Brad (RW San Diego) 4. Cameran (RW San Diego) 5. Jeff ( FM2) 6. Mandi (FM2) 7. Vinny (FM2) 8. Brynn (RW Las Vegas) 9. Joey (RW Hollywood) 10. Emily (RW D.C) 11. Ty (RW D.C) 12. KellyAnn (RW Sydney) 13. C.T (RW Paris) 14. Angela (RR Extreme) 15. Zach (RW Key West) 16. Briana (RW Hollywood) 17. Chris (RR South Pacific) 18. Svetlana (RW Key West) 19. Dan (RR Northern Trail) 20. Melinda (RW Austin) 21. David (RW New Orleans) 22. Veronica (RR Semester @ Sea) 23. Steven (RW Las Vegas) 24. Irulan (RW Las vegas) 25. Wes (RW Austin) 26. Robin (RW San Diego) 27. Jaqueese ( RW San Diego) 28. Cara (RR South Pacific) Rules, idk. besides it would be a good show cuz kenny, paula and johnny arnt in it.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]So let's say that they decide to go with a Challenge called The Challenge:All Stars (Yeah I know that name was already used but it was more than 10 years ago). 14 guys and 14 girls compete. There is 2 Teams both teams consist of guys and girls. Their is really nothing specific like Old vs New or Guys vs Girls. The teams are just picked randomly. I don't really know what kind of challenge it will be but what players would you like to see compete. [U]Team 1 [/U]Abram (Road Rules) Darrell (Road Rules) Ace (Real World) Brad (Real World) Derrick (Road Rules) Frank (Real World) Mark (Road Rules) Kenny (Challenges) Aneesa (Real World) Emily (Road Rules) Rachel (Road Rules) Jodi (Road Rules) Diem (Challenges) Evelyn (Challenges)[U] Team 2 [/U]Theo (Road Rules) Landon (Real World) Alton (Real World) Ryan (Challenges) Evan (Challenges) Danny (Real World) Wes (Real World) Shane (Road Rules) Ruthie (Real World) Veronica (Road Rules) Coral (Real World) Trishelle (Real World) Katie (Road Rules) Tina (Road Rules) [/FONT]
So I was talking about an all-male challenge in another thread and since that will never happen I'll just post my little fantasy idea here. So I'm gonna group them up as 3 teams of Eight. one For Real World. Road Rules, and The Fresh Meat. Real World. Ct(Paris) Brad(San Diego) Cohutta(Sydney) Scott(Brooklyn) Ace(Paris) Issac(Sydney) Joey(Hollywood) Bronne(Hollywood) Road Rules. Yes(Semester at Sea) Abram(South Pacific) Antoine(Europe) Darrell(Campus Crawl) Derrick(X-TREME) Dan(Viewers Revenge) Dan(Northern Trail) James(Maximum Velocity Tour) Fresh Meat Kenny Johnne Eric Jesse Noor Pete Vinny Luke And there you have it.
This is my fantasy cast for a Duel 3 Fantasy Host: Mark Long (In my fantasy, well... in this one ;), he can hang and party with the cast.) Guys: CT (RW Paris) Derrick (RR Xtreme) Landon (RW Philly) Kenny (FM I) Evan (FM I) Abram (RR South Pacific) Alton (RW Vegas) Cohutta (RW Sydney) Brad (RW San Diego) Wes (RW Austin) Noor (FM II) Pete (FM II) Vinny (FM II) Girls: Paula (RW Key West) Sarah (RW Brooklyn) Ev (FM I) KellyAnne (RW Sydney) Laurel (FM II) Emily (RW DC) Rachel (RR Campus Crawl) Susie (RR Australia) Jillian (RR Xtreme) Tori (RR Viewers Revenge) Ruthie (RW Hawaii) Cara (FM II) Carly (FM II)
I would really love to see a Ruins 2 challenge. [COLOR="Red"][B][U]CHAMPIONS:[/U][/B] Alton(RW Las Vegas) Frank(RW Las Vegas) Abram(RR South Pacific) Wes(RW Austin) Theo(RR Maximum Velocity) Evan(Fresh Meat) Johnny(RW Key West) Veronica(RR Semester At Sea) Rachel(RR Campus Crawl) Jillian(RR X-treme) Coral(RW B2NY) Janelle(RW Key West) Ibis(RR X-treme) Evelyn(Fresh Meat)[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"][B][U]CHALLENGERS:[/U][/B] Scott(RW Brooklyn) Mike(RW DC) Bronne(RW Cancun) Ryan(Fresh Meat) Vinny(Fresh Meat 2) Cohutta(RW Sydney) Dan(RR Viewer's Revenge) Beth(RW LA) Angel(RR Viewer's Revenge) Cara Maria(Fresh Meat 2) Aneesa(RW Chicago) Katelynn(RW Brooklyn) Jonna(RW Cancun) Erika(RW DC)[/COLOR]
Numba1Girll, I absolutely LOVE your Challengers team!!
Thanks Youssarian. LOL. I can see a whole lot of drama, maybe hook ups also with both teams. LOL.
So if I could choose the next challenge it would def be a giant battle of the seasons, with a freshmeat kind of feel with teams of two from EVERY season and two teams would go home each week or something and they have to battle it out to stay in..It would be a individual challenge having only 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th places out of all of the entire cast participating. cast would be RW: NY: Eric and Becky LA: Jon and Beth SanFran:Puck and Rachel London: Mike and Kat Miami: Flora and Dan Boston:Syrus and Rachel Seattle:Nathan & Rebecca Hawaii:Ruthie and Teck New Orleans: Melissa and Jamie B2NY: Coral and Mike Chicago:Theo & Cara Las Vegas: Brynn and Alton Paris: Christena and CT San Diego: Jamie and Brad Philadelphia: Shavonda and Landon Austin: Nehemiah and Rachel Key West: Paula and Jose Denver: Jenn and Ty Sydney: Kelly anne and Cohutta Hollywood: Brianna and Joey Brooklyn:Scott and Sarah Cancun: Emilee and Derek DC: Mike and Emily RR&FM: USA 1st Adventure: Mark & Kit USA 2nd Adventure: Timmy and Emily Europe: Belou & Antoine Islands: Jake and Kalle Northern Trail: Roni and Dan Down Under: Susie and Chadwick Latin America: Holly and Abe Semester At Sea: Yes and Veronica Maximum Velocity Tour: Theo and Msaada The Quest: Ellen and Blair Campus Crawl: Kendal and Darrell South Pacific: Tina and Dave X-Treme: Ibis and Patrick Viewers Revenge: Tori and Dan Freshmeat: Diem and Evan Freshmeat 2: Vinny and Cara Marie
Guys: Derrik (Road Rules) Brad (San Diego) Kenny (Fresh) Mark (road Rules) Big Easy (fresh meat 1st) Wes (Austin) Alton (las vegas) Theo (Road RuleS) Frank (vegas) Evan (FM) Mike (B2ny) Timmy (RR) Girls: Coral (B2NY) Tonya (Chicago) Aneesa (Chicago) Evelyn (fm) Veronica (everybody know her) Katie (Road Rules) Beth (LA) Paula (key West) Robin (San Diego) Tina (Road Rules) Brooke (Denver) Diem (Freshmeat)
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[CENTER][SIZE="5"]MY CHALLENGE 20[/SIZE][/CENTER] [COLOR="DarkRed"][B]Team #1- 1.Veronica 2.Rachel 3.Emilee 4.Jonna 5.Sarah 6.Mandi 7.Erikah 8.Sandy 9.Jenn 10.Laurel 1.Evan 2.Ryan(FM) 3.Brandon 4.Mark 5.Derrick 6.Scott 7.Kenny 8.Chet 9.Ryan(RW) 10.Johnny[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]Team#2- 1.Ruthie 2.Evelyn 3.Carley 4.Coral 5.KellyAnne 6.Susie 7.Cara Maria 8.Carley 9.Ayiiia 10.Casey 1.Landon 2.Mark 3.Darrell 4.CJ 5.Pete 6.Luke 7.Vinny 8.Mike 9.Derek(Cancun) 10.Frank [/COLOR] [/B] I think that when they actually cast season 20 they should invite some unlikely vets and a lot of rookies since it is their landmark 20th season!
Before I even saw this thread me and my friend stared making these lists just for kicks. [B][COLOR=navy]Guys[/COLOR][/B] 1. Wes 2. Kenny 3. Evan 4. Cohutta 5. Landon 6. Brad 7. Joey (RW Cancun) 8. Bronne (RW Cancun) 9. Johnny 10. Mark Long 11. Isaac Girls 1. Tonya 2. Susie 3. Ev 4. Sarah 5. Kelly Anne 6. Paula 7. Johanna 8. Rachel 9. Jenn
My guesses for the next challenge, I'll just be realistic. But hopefully the actual cast is better LOL : Guys 1. Evan (Fresh Meat) 2. Isaac (RW Sydney) 3. Derek (RW Cancun) 4. Syrus (RW Boston) 5. Ty (RW DC) 6. Pete (Fresh Meat 2) 7. Wes (RW Austin) 8. Eric (Fresh Meat) 9. Derrick (RR Xtreme) 10. Dan (RR Viewers Revenge) Girls 1. Jonna (RW Cancun) 2. Ayiiia (RW Cancun) 3. Emily (RW DC) 4. Trisha (RW Sydney) 5. Kelly Anne (RW Sydney) 6. Diem (Fresh Meat) 7. Sandy (Fresh Meat 2) 8. Mandi (Fresh Meat 2) 9. Jenn (RW Denver) 10. Rachel (RR Campus Crawl)
Challange 20 Inferno 4 Ayiiia (Cancun) Brianna (Hollywood) Sarah (Brooklyn) [B]Sahar (New Orleans 2)[/B] [B]Callie (DC)[/B] [B]Baya (Brooklyn)[/B] [B]Sydney (FM2)[/B] Theresa (FM2) Shauvon (Sydney) [B]Brittini (Hollywood)[/B] Josh (DC) JD (Brooklyn) [B]Isaac (Sydney)[/B] [B]CJ (Cancun)[/B] [B]Ryan (Leslie NOLA2)[/B] [B]Eric (NOLA2)[/B] Wes (Austin) [B]Noor (FM2)[/B] Vinny (FM2) Chet (Brooklyn) Host Johnny Mosley? Location:Italy or Japan Bold-Good Guys UnBold-Bad Guys
I want to see Isaac back. He was hilarious on Duel 2
[QUOTE=DerrickFTW;175621]I want to see Isaac back. He was hilarious on Duel 2[/QUOTE] I agree, him calling Landon into the duel simply because he cut off his toe nail was probably the funniest moment of the challenge in my opinion.
My Fantasy Challenge cast: It would be a Duel with 14 guys and girls; Girls: Beth Stolarczyk Cara Maria Sorbello Coral Smith Diem Brown Evelyn Smith Jillian Zoboroski Jodi Weatherton KellyAnne Judd Laurel Stucky Rachel Robinson Sarah Rice Susie Maister Tina Barta Tonya Cooley Guys: Abram Boise Alton Williams Brad Fiorenza Chris "CT" Tamburello Darrel Taylor Derrick Kosinski Evan Starkman Frank Roessler Johnny Devenanzio Kenny Santucci Landon Lueck Mark Long Noor Jehangir Wes Bergmann
Battke Of The *****es 1. Laurel- Fresh Meat 2 2. Mandi- Fresh Meat 2 3. Sandy- Fresh Meat 2 4. Ashley- RW23 5. Jazmine- RW22 6. Jonna-RW22 7. Sarah- RW21 8. Kimberly- RW20 9. Trisha- RW19 10. Jenn- RW18 11. Johanna- RW16 12. Tonya- RW11 13. Coral- RW10 14. Beth S.- RW2 15. Ibis- RR13 16. Kina- RR13 17. Tina- RR12 18. Rachel- RR11 19. Veronica- RR8 20. Susie- RR6
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Realistically; Gauntlet 4 Rookies: Vinny (Fresh Meat 2) Brandon (Fresh Meat 2) Pete (Fresh Meat 2 Scott (RW:Brooklynn) Chet (RW: Brooklynn) CJ (RW: Cancun) Isaac (RW: Sydney) Ty (RW: DC) Cara Maria (Fresh Meat 2) Theresa (Fresh Meat 2) Mandi (Fresh Meat 2) Laurel (Fresh Meat 2) Callie (RW: DC) Ashley (RW: DC) Emilee (RW: Cancun) Ayiiia (RW: Cancun) Veterans Brad (RW: San Diego) Dunbar (RW: Sydney) Johnny (RW: Key West) Wes (RW: Austin) Nick (RW: Hollywood) Danny (RW: Austin) Cohutta (RW: Sydney) Derrick (RR: X-treme) Paula (RW: Key West) Tori (RR: Viewers Revenge) Jenn (RW: Denver) Kimberly (RW: Hollywood) Diem (Fresh Meat I) Tonya (RW: Chicago) Johanna (RW: Austin) Melinda (RW: Austin)
My favorite rookies v.s. favorite veterans [U]Rookie:[/U] 1. Ashley- RW23 2. Mandi- Fresh Meat 2 3. Sandy- Fresh Meat 2 4. Emilee- RW22 5. Jazmine- RW22 6. Katelynn- RW21 7. Brittini- RW20 8. Arissa- RW12 9. Josh- RW23 10. Ty- RW23 11. Vinny- Fresh Meat 2 12. Pete- Fresh Meat 2 13. Bronne- RW22 14. J.D.- RW21 15. Greg- RW20 16. Dan- RR14 [U]Veterans:[/U] 1. Sarah- RW21 2. Kimberly- RW20 3. KellyAnne- RW19 4. Kina- RR13 5. Rachel- RR11 6. Veronica- RR8 7. Ibis- RR13 8. Beth S. RW2 9. Dunbar- RW19 10. Wes- RW16 11. Evan- Fresh Meat 12. Johnny- RW17 13. Darrell- RR11 14. Abram- RR12 15. Kenny- Fresh Meat 16. Shane- RR11
I'm assuming Challenge 20 will most likely be a Gauntlet 4. A cast that would make it an awesome challenge would be[url=][img][/img][/url] Rookies: Scott (Brooklyn) Mandi (FM2) Mike (DC) Emilee (Cancun) CJ (Cancun) Ayiiia (Cancun) Greg (Hollywood) Brittini (Hollywood) Vinny (FM2) Laurel (FM2) Jeff (FM2) Emily (DC) Veterans Kina (RR) Darell (RR11) Rachael (RR) Brad (San Diego) Paula (Key West) Abram (RR) Kelly Anne (Sydney) Landon (Philadelphia) Diem (FM) Johnny (Key West) Susie (RR)
This is hard! hmmm Some of them are more for entertainment value. Ace (RW:Paris) Alton (Las Vegas) Brad (San Diego) CT (Paris) Darrell (Campus Crawl) Derrick (X-Treme) Eric (Fresh Meat) Landon (Philadelphia) Noor (Fresh Meat 2) Steven (Denver) Syrus (Boston) Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) Aneesa (Chicago) Aviv (Fresh Meat) Ibis (X-Treme) Jenn (Denver) Jodi (X-Treme) Katie (The Quest) KellyAnne (Sydney) Kina (X-Treme) Parisa (Sydney) Ruthie (Hawaii) Susie (Down Under) Svetlana (Key West)
I hope they do another Battle of the Sexes, despite the fact that the men would dominate. [u]Guys[/u] Brad (RW: San Diego) Derrick (RR: X-Treme) Isaac (RW: Sydney) Johnny (RW: Key West) Kenny (RW/RR: Fresh Meat) Landon (RW: Philadelphia) Mark (RR: The First Adventure) Noor (RW/RR: Fresh Meat II) Pete (RW/RR: Fresh Meat II) Ryan (RW: Brooklyn) Theo (RR: Maximum Velocity Tour) Wes (RW: Austin) [u]Girls[/u] Brittini (RW: Hollywood) Carley (RW/RR: Fresh Meat II) Coral (RW: Back to New York) Diem (RW/RR: Fresh Meat) Ibis (RR: X-Treme) Jenn (RW: Denver) Johanna (RW: Austin) KellyAnne (RW: Sydney) Kina (RR: X-Treme) Mandi (RW/RR: Fresh Meat II) Paula (RW: Key West) Svetlana (RW: Key West)
Both Fresh Meat casts and The Duel
I thought the first battle of the sexes was good because of Melissa and Colin. Also, Gauntlet 2 and Duel
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The best cast as far as veterans was Fresh Meat. I mean you cant beat Darrell, Theo, Wes, Derrick, Tonya, Coral, Katie, Tina, Melinda and Shane. The Ruins and Battle of the Sexes 2 had really good casts as well. Duel 1/Duel 2 and Fesh Meat 2 were probably the worst casts
Not my favorite challenge, but Challenge 2000 had the best cast! Heather, Teck, Amaya, Veronica, Piggy, Yes. They were so much fun to watch. The challenge was so different from what we get today.
I can commend the casting department for assembling the casts for these challenges: Battle of the Sexes 1 & 2 Gauntlet 1 & 2 The Ruins