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Best challenge cast? Any challenge before Paula came around.
[quote=Buck05;54095]Best challenge cast? Any challenge before Paula came around.[/quote] hahaha Meanie!!! Whats so bad about Paula??
[quote=Buck05;54095]Best challenge cast? Any challenge before Paula came around.[/quote] Agreed! I just can't control what I post..
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[quote=RMD1;54097]hahaha Meanie!!! Whats so bad about Paula??[/quote] Was that a serious question?
[quote=Buck05;54095]Best challenge cast? Any challenge before Paula came around.[/quote] So basically from the very 1st challenge to Fresh Meat.
[quote=tjhallow;54115]Was that a serious question?[/quote] Yeah! I feel bad for that girl
Battle of the Sexes 1 had the best mix of castmembers hands down. Battle of the Seasons underneath that
battle of the sexes for me they all vibed well together and some of them got along i miss my favorites julie and jamie form the real world new orleans.
I just noticed that on Fresh Meat, there were only 8 people that had been on a challenge before: Coral, Theo, Shane, Derrick, Tina, Darrell, Tonya, and Katie. I think that ruined the whole dynamics of the challenge. Anyways, I liked the first BOTS, Gauntlet, and Inferno cast. I thought the duel had a good cast, but it would've been better if there were more old school cast members.
The original gauntlet and the inferno had the the best casts imo.Then the duel and g3.
I think the best cast/best seasons were Battle of the Sexes 2 Inferno 2 Gauntlet 2 The Duel Gauntlet 3 The Duel 2 Even though The Duel 2 just started the cast is great! And i know the seaon will be. Minus Paula, and Evan the cast rocks.
Battle Of The Sexes 2 had the best cast hands down. I mean you had Coral, Katie, Veronica, Rachel, Kina, Ibis, Robin, Brad, Mike, Eric, Mark, Tonya, Theo and Ruthie all one challenge? Even though it sucked when it came to everything else... Inferno II was pretty good as well. The whole mean girls crew with the addition of C.T., Mike, Brad, Landon, everyone had crazy personalities on that challenge, great drama. Inferno I was good 2.
Inferno was way better in terms of casting than Inferno 2 and Inferno 3 combined.
I think that all 3 Inferno's have had very good casts. I am also extremely happy with the current cast of the Duel 2. I think that Battle Of The Sexes 2 had a good cast as well. The Island by far had the worst cast in my opinion.
[quote=GHV11;61019]I think that all 3 Inferno's have had very good casts. I am also extremely happy with the current cast of the Duel 2. I think that Battle Of The Sexes 2 had a good cast as well. The Island by far had the worst cast in my opinion.[/quote] Hey, I liked the Island casting. I think season 1 had the worst casting, XD
out of all the challenges I've seen (Island and the current one), I'd have to say Duel 2.
I really really loved the Gauntlet 2 cast. Tons of vets like Beth and Syrus. Good mix of Philly and RR X-Treme. And one WTF castmember, via Jo. Although, the season overall seemed a bit stale in comparison to its casting. As for worst cast, I was personally annoyed with the G3 cast, aside from Coral, Beth, and Katie. Oh, and The Island cast sucked too.
my favorite challenge cast was: Battle of the Sexes 1 for sure. Are you kidding me? they had people who were like a 1 shot deal like Antone, Anne, Melissa, Colin, Ellen, Blair, Gladys, Jake and Eric (RR Campus Crawl). They had unforgettable people like Puck, Emily, James, Veronica, Ayanna, Genesis and Dan and people who are now old school veterans like Syrus, Julie, Veronica, Tonya, Rachel, Aneesa, Mark, Shane... Plus some people who they through into the mix for fun- Dave (RR: N.O.), Theo, Jisela, Eric (RW: NY) Amaya, and Jamie! Awesome, I wonder if they would bring them back!
[quote=tjhallow;54003]G3 was really entertaining. I really can't pick a favorite. I liked all the challenges with the exception of the Island & Inferno 3.[/quote] watching the island was like watching tom hanks was so brutal to watch and they had no food..i could do without the bathing though LOOOLL
idk about favorite challenge as far as cast members but i love the way the inferno was set up..the whole at night thing was cool..[[im suprised i remember any of this..not that im a hardcore Rw Rr challenge fanatic or anyhting..or maybe im in denial]] but yea i like seeing any challenge with coral because she can beat a guy or girl..shes HxC
Any cast before umm..lets say Fresh meat was good. But i also liked G3.
G3 was my fav
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[quote=jake93;61027]out of all the challenges I've seen (Island and the current one), I'd have to say Duel 2.[/quote] LOL you missed out on a lot. If you PM me, I know where you can watch old ones.
I think my favorite challenge casts would have to be any of the Inferno seasons, especially inferno 2. I loved seeing Tonya, Julie, the miz, Landon ( I think Inferno 2 was his first challenge) and Dan. It just seemed like a lot of my favorites were on the Inferno seasons.
mine are 12 guys Mike the Miz Dunbar Yes Puck Davis Tyler Eric Theo Mark Shawn Wes 12 girls Katie Ruthie Diem Evelyn Smith Robin Melissa Howard Tori Leah Coral Johanna Kelly Anne last and not least Beth
12 Girls: Emily- Road Rules 2 Holly- Road Rules: Northern Trail Veronica- Road Rules: Semester at Sea Katie- Road Rules: The Quest Rachel- Road Rules: Campus Crawl Kendal- Road Rules: Campus Crawl Christina- Road Rules: South Pacific Ruthie- Real World: Hawaii Coral- Real World B2NY Tonya- Real World: Chicago Paula- Real World: Key West Jenn- Real World: Denver Guys: Mark- Road Rules 1 Timmy- Road Rules 2 Dan- Road Rules: Northern Trail Adam- Road Rules: The Quest Abe- Road Rules: South Pacific Derrick- Road Rules: X-treme Jamie- Real World: New Orleans Mike- Real World: B2NY Alton- Real World: Las Vegas Brad- Real World: San Diego Landon- Real World: Philly Wes- Real World: Austin
[B]Going by the Formula You Want[/B] [B]For a Small Cast This Would Be My Dream Cast[/B] [B]Drama City For the Women, Brutal Competitions For the Men[/B] [B]Host[/B] Mark Long [B]Cast[/B] Coral (B2NY) Tonya (Chicago) Sventlna (Key West) Trisha (Sydney) Kelly Anne (Sydney) Brooke(Denver) Brianna (Hollywood) Veronica (SES) Rachel (Campus Crawl) Tina (South Pacific) Kina (Xtreme) Evelyn (Fresh Meat) [B]Guys[/B] The Miz (Back 2 New York) Alton (Las Vegas) CT (Paris) Brad (San Diego) Landon (Phildelphia) Danny (Austin) Wes (Austin) Dunbar(Sydney) Joey(Hollywood) Darell (Campus Crawl) Abram (South Pacific) Derrick (Xtreme) Some Important Infernos/Gauntlets/FaceOffs/Duels... whatever its called. That would be amazing to witness. Any of these would be great to see. *Alton vs. Wes *Abram vs. Derrick *Evelyn vs. Veronica *Rachel vs. Veronica *Tonya vs. Svetlana *Derrick vs. Brad Rematch *The Miz vs. CT *Coral vs. Trisha
Girls: Coral Veronica Tonya Tina Kina Jodie Julie Svetlana Aneesa Genesis Baya Katelynn Guys: Wes Derrick Abram Mike Chadwick JD Chet Adam (RR) Landon Alton CT Derek (Cancun) I think that's pretty realistic and it's also a fantasy.
[B]My challenge would be the strong versus the strong, a real battle royale. Guys: Landon Wes Alton Theo Abram Darrell CT Evan The Miz Derrick or Brad or Mark (I couldn't decide) Girls: Evelyn Rachel Svetlana Kimberly Tori Jillian Brittini Ruthie Coral Kelly Anne Threw in a few of my personal favs for the girls because I ran out of top females from the top of my head. I think the male lineup is pretty jacked though.[/B]
Girls Coral-- I love her Katie-- Love her too Rachel--She is one scary dude (I mean that in a good way) Tina--Just for the drama Tonya-- More Drama Emily-- She is a good competitor Christina-- Same as emily Julie-- Just for the drama Ruthie--love her Johanna--Just so Katie has some back Guys C.T-- I love him Landon--So cute Mark--very nice Abe---I am so in love with Abe Mike The Miz-- Derrick--Little pit bull Darrell-- Funny Alton--Beast Dan--Wicked Funny Nathen (from Seattle)- Haven't seen him in a long time.