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Really Frank?
that's a low blow.
[QUOTE=Dash_Vegas!;327702]Derek and Frank are soooooo extra, or is it just me?? And does this season have the record for most members of the LGBT community in it?[/QUOTE] The Battle of the Sexes 2 may own that title.
Frank you're so low class. I can't even deal with it.
Wow...that's too far Frank.
Does anyone still want to defend Frank as a person?
I'm sorry guys, Frank has just really crossed the line. Bringing up Nany's sister like that was so unnecessary.
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[QUOTE=Nostalgic;327693]She didn't start anything. She was merely voicing her opinion to Derek until Frank chimed his annoying *** in.[/QUOTE] Her Yelling that they are all mother f'ers and yelling at derek did start it...That started all the arguing, i don't actually blame frank for starting it, but of course he can't let it go once it starts. Also he will go on and on ..He is a dirtbag no doubt, no arguing, but he didn't start the whole thing. But he just can't ever be the bigger person, like EVER
[QUOTE=kvm1977;327708]The Battle of the Sexes 2 may own that title.[/QUOTE] Yeah I agree. Though I can't remember what Sophia was.
lmao Nanys laughing at Dustin's anger
"Zach let's go!" And Dustin has pulled a complete 180 on me since his season, I'm officially a fan of the kid
Oh, **** I almost forgot all of this drama was happening tonight.
Isn't/wasn't Frank an alcoholic?
Frank is trash. He is legit a ******* lowlife.
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Dustin mad is pretty awesome. I am surprised Zach didn't chest bump him like he does
[QUOTE=Nostalgic;327714]Yeah I agree. Though I can't remember what Sophia was.[/QUOTE] I thought she was bi or gay...I could be wrong though
Frank.... this guy just looks sick sometimes. He will talk trash about your dead mother if she passed away yesterday and he knew about it.
Dustin would destroy Frank in a fight and I'm not a fan of Dustin
**** muscles? Really Frank?
[QUOTE=arilicious;327718]Isn't/wasn't Frank an alcoholic?[/QUOTE] True. [QUOTE=wutzrenzi;327717]Oh, **** I almost forgot all of this drama was happening tonight.[/QUOTE] I did too. I missed most of the mention. Zach sthd and **** about burying people. Don't you wear woman panties?
ugh frank please stop talking
Dustin, Nany, and Marie are grade-A trolls lol I love it!!!
[QUOTE=kvm1977;327721]I thought she was bi or gay...I could be wrong though[/QUOTE] Gay
[QUOTE=torstar;327726]ugh frank please stop talking[/QUOTE] I wish that would happen
[QUOTE=arilicious;327724]**** muscles? Really Frank?[/QUOTE] That was funny. These people are nuts!!!
Where is the quote thread?!? Peacock/Flamingo debate is awesome!
They cut the scene with Marie fighting with Derek in the house.
Frank is trying to justify his actions on twitter. Apparently, Nany called him a "f**". So? Who gets mad at being called a bundle of sticks?
thank god, thank god Frank did his interview on vevmo before this episode. He is a piece of trash, and if that gets me in trouble, then so be it. Frank you are a piece of ****.
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Trishelle only will go in with Dustin, but she knows i am sure that nany/dustin only want to go in together, so hence her logic is she never has to go in