The Challenge: Battle of the Exes - Where Did Our Love Go?

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The Challenge: Battle of the Exes - Where Did Our Love Go?
Injuries sideline two teams; Abram feels insecure over his rocky relationship with Cara Maria; Dunbar and Paula try to work on their issues.
Saw the promo for a "surprise" elimination. If teams are dropping this quick how many episodes are in this season?
[B][SIZE="7"]NOTE: Any person who posts spoilers in this episode thread before the episode is over will receive a one-way ticket to Banland.[/SIZE][/B]
Well this is going to be fun tonight
Finally, nothing on before the Challenge and I don't have to turn to MTV to watch the last 10 minutes of Teen Mom!
This narrator needs help.
Lets Go and also, shoutout to my friend Crazy Reality Guy on his b day today
I really dislike the narrators. The female one she sounds like a robot.
Is this awful announcer claiming that Wes and Mandi were favorites to win it all or just that Dome? Either way I think she is delusional.
I know a ton of people were saying last time that they didn't like the opening sequence, but I personally do. And why can't they get TJ to be the "Previously on" narrator because they woman they have is not good at all.
Abe is really the only mature person.
[QUOTE=LaneV95;296188]I really dislike the narrators. The female one she sounds like a robot.[/QUOTE] they need to fire her asap! and maybe hire Molds instead to do the job
I'm back and ready to snark, leggooo!
[QUOTE=TDMEL52;296191]Abe is really the only mature person.[/QUOTE] You think Abe is mature? Pshhh.
Man, it looks like Abram and Cara Maria are going downhill fast.
He hurt his knee running around the pool? Really?! Didn't expect that one.
Serious injury? Five stitches? Heck, I'd sew that up myself and go snowboarding.
[QUOTE=fabulous788;296194]You think Abe is mature? Pshhh.[/QUOTE] The second I heard the mature comment I thought of one thing. I don't need to mention it. We all think of that one thing.
Yikes, that really does suck for Heather and for Dustin.
That's such a ****** way to go out. But no running by the pool!!
oh God, the trailer makes this challenge they are about to do look insane. Heather and Dustin were announced so quickly.
[QUOTE=TDMEL52;296191]Abe is really the only mature person.[/QUOTE] The **** stained walls of his old jail cell disagree.
"You don't have any more exes" LIES! Imagine if Mike showed up to replace Dustin. Hell, imagine if Mike showed up to replace Dustin WITH Dustin still there. Curse you week long STD and personality tests!
[QUOTE=molds13;296200]That's such a ****** way to go out.[/QUOTE] It's obvious that the liability team this season is in ultra careful mode.
They went home without any build up at all or anything. Like "haha I hurt my knee oh well *Goes to Challenge* I have to leave? Oh okay see ya".
Hmm this challange today looks inteREsting
BS that Dustin and Heather went home!!!! Tonya wasn't forced to leave after she tore her meniscus! Or when Trishelle was fell off her bike and was hospitalized. So dumb....
this seems awesome.
This season is starting to blow! We're halfway through I feel like only through the 3rd episode.
lol I like this challenge! Abe is an idiot.
This challenge reminds me with the questions of the one they did during Battle of the Sexes 2. The one with the Bicycle ramp.