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This sounds like petty parties we would have during games here - lol

Jenkins need to leave. His twerk attempt was nasty and he probably smells bad.

The public got it right for once omg.

The public got it right for once omg.

Out of all the evictions so far I'm so glad its this one they got it right on

These social experiment shows ***** up my view on the world. Seeing the obvious racial undertones, MACRO not micro aggressions, hypocrisy makes my blood boil. I start to really side eye a certain demographic in rl seeing the non stop pattern of how they treat black people on these shows. They'll be nice to your face and talk all sort of shit when you leave the room the try to play victim when you call them out. It makes me SICK


Especially the sheep

Is Jenkins up? Please let him get evicted with that nasty attempt of twerk. He's terrible 

He won't he's getting a good edit. Henry is being set up to win. Trish will go out this week 

More than half of them need to be ejected


I hope it's a meaningful punishment and not some lame crap like one hour in jail

Please evict Jenkin

Please evict Jenkin

Him and his nasty twerking is gross.


Please evict Jenkin

Him and his nasty twerking is gross.

I spoke too soon. I guess people spilt the votes too much 


I'm not watching anymore. Truly disgusted. The viewers will never change. 

I bet Tory Tom starts shit talking Trish since she's not there to defend herself

Oh and OF COURSE Kyle Christie liked the post about Trish being evicted like WIERDO

Thank god Jenkins smelly *** is gone. You can just tell he'd smell. His nasty poor excuse of twerking is gross. Keep him off tv.

so happy for the winner 

Noky and Yinrun ending last in the final... the evil was defeated.

I'd rather had Henry win, but not mad with Jordan. Its obvious he put a fake fachade and played a character in the house, but at least he did it good and funny, unlike Yinrun.

You when you lie 

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