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Sheldon won HOH again

i'm sure they only removed Kyle because of the backlash they got

What... good god

They're setting a bad precedent, like if this season had an average BBUS cast then half of them would have left this week

I think Ontario went on lockdown so they had to shut down production...

I think Ontario went on lockdown so they had to shut down production...

yeah production is done. Everyone packing and leaving today

Insane. Any chance any of this cast will get a second chance next season?

That's if they even get renewed after the constant backlash they have received. It'll be miracle if they continue with all the bad press. 

Who from BBCan would you like to see crossover to The Challenge?

Ika Wong comes to mind but I don't know if she would do it

I wanna see For the girls - Kaela Grant, Ali Martinez, Erica Hill, Kiera Wallance, Estefania Hoyos

For the men Jamar Lee, Michael Stubley, Kevin Martin, Demetres Giannitsos, Derek Kesseler, Adam Pike

Guys Jamar, Adam, Demetres and I'd want Kevin, Michael S, maybe Jesse or Hamza but they're all probably less likely

Girls Ika, Erica, Kaela or Minh-Ly and I'd want Maddy(S8) Alli or Kiera but they're less likely, and Sam Picco has always reminded me of Kailah, she'd be interesting

Neda would have the girls pressed. Competitively I see her being like Nany 

Thinking about it I hope they pull from BBCAN eventually. Lots of good options. My top choices would be Adam Pike and Kaela Grant