Big Brother 11: Final Eviction Delayed

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Big Brother 11: Final Eviction Delayed
The eviction that was supposed to take place tomorrow will instead take place on Tuesday's finale. Tomorrow will be a live HOH Part 2 and commentary from Janelle, Boogie, **** and Danielle Reyes (not ****'s daughter). I think the producers are fearful that once Jordan is gone, nobody will tune into a Natalie/Kevin final 2.... [URL=""]IT'S DOWN TO THE FINAL 3 HOUSEGUESTS AS MICHELE BECOMES THE TENTH HOUSEGUEST TO BE EVICTED FROM THE "BIG BROTHER" HOUSE[/URL] [quote]After being nominated for eviction by Head-of-Household Natalie, Michele was evicted last night from the BIG BROTHER House by Kevin's sole vote. On Sunday, Natalie nominated Kevin and Michele for eviction. Last night, Kevin won the Power-of-Veto and chose to remove himself from the block. After Kevin used the Power-of-Veto, Jordan, the only eligible nominee, was put on the block against Michele. During last night's live broadcast, Michele, the 27-year-old neuroscientist from Pasadena, Calif. learned her fate and left the BIG BROTHER House. She will be the fifth Houseguest to be sequestered in the jury house. After her eviction, she was interviewed by Julie Chen about her experience. After last night's BIG BROTHER eviction, the Houseguests competed in part one of the final Head-of-Household competition called "Log Jam." The Houseguests each stood on a log while holding onto their keys, which were suspended above their heads. As the log began to spin beneath them, the players all fought to stay a top as they were barraged by weather from all seasons including wind, rain and even snow. The houseguest who could withstand the elements the longest without falling off will be revealed on Thursday and named the new HOH. Also on Thursday, former Houseguests Mike Boogie (Big Brother 2; Winner, Big Brother All-Stars), Danielle Reyes (Big Brother 3; Big Brother All-Stars), Janelle (Big Brother 6, Big Brother All-Stars) and Evel **** (Winner, Big Brother 8) will join Julie live on stage to discuss this season of BIG BROTHER on Thursday, Sept. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/delayed PT). [/quote] ETA: The CBS Press Release doesn't state anything about the final eviction being delayed, but this report ([URL][/URL]) does. I just rechecked what Julie said on last night's episode, she said nothing about an eviction tomorrow and only said part 2 would play out live.
Danielle Reyes-Yay! I think that she was almost as good as Dr. Will! :D **********! Janelle-I don't love her like everybody else does but shes cool Evil Dick-I don't care for him but he should be interesting.
How will the jury ask questions? Unless they do it live because it's 2hours?
I don't think it will be done this year
I think 2 hours will allow them enough time to do jury questions, I think an entire hour would be too much for just a reunion. The jury questions are always soooooo heavily edited and it has always drove me nuts, so I hope they are able to do a better job with it this year. They also have one less juror than usual to take up time.
For anyone who is counting, this is now Janelle's 6th season in a row making an appearance on Big Brother, though one is somewhat of a technicality. BB6: Houseguest; BB7: Houseguest; BB8: Veto Host; BB9: Finale Audience; BB10: Gameshow contestant; BB11: Panel
Well She is the most popular houseguest!!!
Steven and Brian confirmed that this season only a certain number of former BB houseguests are allowed in the finale so everyone who took part in the season(Brian, Jessica, Cowboy, Dan, Janelle, Danni, Boogie, **** and current HGs) will be let in. Every other ex-HG _will be put in a drawing. I think that theese people were chosen from the finale so they could be let in without it being obvious that they were selected and not drawn.
Just a little did bit of fun information.. I got the free three-day pass for 24/7 online viewing inside the BB house. As the final three, Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie are lounging around the house on their off day, the topic of The Real World came up in conversation. Here is a few things that they commented on: - The topic started by Kevin saying if he were to get married to his partner, he wouldn't have the typical marriage, but rather a celebration, like Pedro on RW3: San Fransisco. - They then went on to how the new season of the Real World was just starting to air when they left for the show, which was Cancun. Kevin commented on how they had two friends on this season, (Derek and Jonna). Jordan offered that a season in Cancun would be "awesome"! - Natalie stated how the Real World is getting a little boring, and they all agreed that Road Rules was awesome, and they all love the Gauntlet (the challenges). - Jordan's favorite season was San Diego, "the one with Brad and Cameran", (weird? haha) Kevin agreed with her. He is from the San Diego area and worked at Banana Republic at a mall during filming. He saw them with the cameras and heard people shouting "**** the Real World" while in the shopping mall. - They then went on to compare a few things from Big Brother to the Real World. They commented on how the Real Worlders were allowed to make phone calls, go out and drink, and that they don't compete for anything, they are just on the show. - Natalie doesn't think that the Real World has a purpose, and that she would much rather be on Big Brother than the Real World. Kevin explains to her that the Real World is more of a documentary of the cast members lives, rather than a game show. That's about it, I just thought it was kind of fun and that I would share it with everyone.
Jordan and Jeff are very similar to Brad and Cameran!
To be honest it might be a smart move because I definitely don't want to see a Nat/Kev F2 haha Seriously though it might draw in people who want to see who goes and who makes it to the end. Plus is zaps up some time as 2 hours is quite a space to fill with just the normal stuff they do or with the other things they have planned.
That's true... I prob wouldn't tune in for a Nat/Kevin final... but my concern is the jury questions... if they cut that I'll be ******!
Yeah it's very smart to have the live season finale on Tuesday... No one would just watch Nat and Kev. But what are they going to show on Sunday's episode? I can't wait till they all see the media coverage, and no one liked Jesse, Chima, Natalie and Lydia (Lydia annoyed me when she kept saying evil prevails again... I can't wait till she see's her side was the "evil side") and Kevin always annoyed me.
Lydia was a disapointment. When I first saw her I thought that I would like her because she seemed chill and cool. I was wrong.
Usually Sunday is the "Final 2 look back.." episode and it might end up being pretty much the same but with the third person, Jordan, added into the mix this time.
[QUOTE=GoldenWarrior;119674]Usually Sunday is the "Final 2 look back.." episode and it might end up being pretty much the same but with the third person, Jordan, added into the mix this time.[/QUOTE] that episode isn't boring enough when I actually like the finalists!
I don't think they're doing this because they were worried Jordan would go at f3, and no one would tune into the finale. Kevin has made it clear that he wants Natalie out in his DR's (unless he's ******** out, and they're using old DRs). And Natalie has a f2 with Jordan. They both want to take her to the end. I think they're doing this because of the 2 hour finale. They prolly have a lot of extra time to fill up.
[QUOTE=ryan01;119787]I don't think they're doing this because they were worried Jordan would go at f3, and no one would tune into the finale. [/QUOTE] I agree 100% that this was a ratings ploy. It is clear that there are more calculus fans in a local high school locker room than Natalie supporters and although Kevin does have a small group of core followers, overall the two of them have been universally panned. Jordan is the last hope for people like me that have stuck around through what has been a trying season. Keeping her around, keeps that 60% of the audience around (even though I don't think she deserving of the money being she was dragged along because she was horrible at the game.) I think CBS was very happy with last night's outcome being there is still a chance that Jordan can win the finale HOH (although I am not sure how much of a chance.) And let's not pretend that CBS doesn't t know how disappointed people are with the final 3. Why else would they bring back people from past seasons last night to fill air time? In seasons where they knew they had a strong story, they would show us more of that story. Instead, they give us previous season reaction and make sure to advertise the heck out of the fact that these former house guests are going to be on the show... I'm happy that BB has done well ratings wise, but I just hope that CBS does not take this as a sign that the majority of fans were happy with the casting choices.
[QUOTE=Bacchus;119923] I think CBS was very happy with last night's outcome being there is still a chance that Jordan can win the finale HOH (although I am not sure how much of a chance.) [/QUOTE]I have hope, personally. The last competition is generally based on luck, trying to guess what the jurors said. It's a 50/50 shot for Jordan.
I have to admit, I was jumping for joy when Jordan beat Natalie. Natalie sucks at the game. I also hope, if Kevin wins and brings her to the final 2 she says the smartest move she made was making kevin break up his alliance with Natalie and make him bring her to the final 2. She can say that was her "game changing" move.