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Tami Romans daughter was on !!! Lol and they cut her with the quickness. I’m also mad the 42 year old got cut. 

She got to stay..did you watch all of it?

She got to stay..did you watch all of it?


she did?!? I cut it off right when she was saying goodbye

Yes she got to stay so we have 15 contestants. I guess Tyra felt bad so she decided to let her stay. That 34 year old model should really not been acting up and giving the judges attitude. 

I finished the episode. I cant be the only one who teared up a little lol.

Also Christina, the 34 year old..Is it me, or was what she said not that bad? Law was just being a sasdsy ****** gay. What she said was true "not everyone is gonna like me"

Anybody still watching this? Glad Liz left, she really was too much. Not sure there's anybody that I really like in this cast though.

no one really cares anymore, the show has ran its course and peaked years ago, its now just beating a dead horse and the ratings reflect that. Plus with instagram there is no point of a modeling competition anymore as anyone can gain a following in their convenience of their home.

I don't know how to feel about this season, last season was amazing so many great models this time around IDK how to feel about the contestants I only like two. 

Like one of the former contestants said Tyra isn't really invested in these chicks careers so no one bothers to watch at this point. The only past contestants who are really relevant now are Eva, Don, Nyle, and Winnie which is from them all branching out and doing stuff in TV and entertainment.