Albert Reed No Longer the Face of Dancing

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Albert Reed No Longer the Face of Dancing
[IMG][/IMG]It hasn't been a model season for "Dancing with Stars."The hit ABC show gave Albert Reed his walking papers Monday, making him the second contestant to be burned by the ominous... [IMG][/IMG] [url=]More...[/url]
Guess I don't need to watch 3 hours of recorded DWTS now. Oh well, I was running out of free time to watch this stuff anyway.
Bad Zeus!
He needs a spanking! I'll let it pass this time. It's not like Cam got the boot, so I'm okay (like AMC fans are going to let that happen. Another Kelly Monaco?? Almost a sure bet! Those soap fans are loyal and they like to vote)
I would have deleted it, but I didn't read it and from the title had no idea who Albert Reed was! I assumed he was a host/producer or something.... They really need to fix that "Stars" part in the show title!