The Challenge: Battle for a new Champion (Non-Spoilers)

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The Challenge: Battle for a new Champion (Non-Spoilers)

Filming: June for 8-10 Weeks

Host: TJ Lavin

Potential Cast members and alternates: (No one is 100% confirmed until they are infront of TJ they can get drop or can be alternates):


- Emanuel Neagu (Survivor Romania)

- Jay Starret (Survivor)

- Kim Tranka (Prince Charming)

- Logan Sampedro (Survivor Spain)


- Berna Canbeldek (Survivor Turkey)

- Bettina Buchanan (Paradise Hotel)

- Melissa Reeves (Ex on the Beach UK)

- Moriah  Andrychowski (The Challenge: Ride or Dies)

- Sofia "Jujuy" Jimenez (La Academia & The Challenge: Argentina)

Up in the air (need more confirmation to put in either category):


- AJ Pritchard (The Challenge: UK)

- Asaf Goren (Are you the one)

- Benja Alfonso (The Challenge: Argentina)

- Brad Fiorenza (Real World: San Diego)

- Callum Izzard (Ibiza Weekender & the challenge uk)

- Ciarran Stott (The Bachelorette Aus & The Challenge Aus)

- Chauncey Palmer (The Challenge: Ride or Dies)

- CT Tamburello (The Real World:Paris)

- Darrell Taylor (Road Rules Campus Crawl)

- David Alexander (Big Brother & The Challenge USA)

- Demetrius "Mechie" Harris (Ex on the beach UK)

- Devin Walker (Are you the one?)

- Ed Eason (the circle)

- Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat (Big Brother)

- Grant ***** ( Love Island AUS & The Challenge Aus)

- Hughie Maughan (Big Brother UK)

- Jeremiah White (Lovr island)

- Johnny Middlebrooks (Love Island USA)

- Johnny Bananas (The Real World: Key west)

- Joseph Allen (American Got Talent 14)

- Josh Martinez (Big Brother)

- Joss Mooney (Ex on the beach UK)

- Jozea Flores (BCTtea spoiler blogger)

- Kelechi "Kelz" **** (Too Hot To Handle 1 Netflix)

- Kenny Clark ( The Challenge: Ride or Dies)

- Kyland Young (Big Brother & The Challenge USA)

- Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore)

- Melvin "Cinco" Holland Jr. (Love Island & The Challenge USA)

- - Nam Vo (Ultimate Beast Master)

- Nathan Henry (Geordie Shore & The Challenge UK)

- Renan Hellemans (Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch)

- Ryan Gallagher (Married at first sight Aus & The Challenge: Aus) 

- Sam Bird (Love Island UK)

- Stefano "Yeyo" De Gregorio (The Challenge: Argentina)

- Tony Raines (Real World: Skeletons)

- Tommy Braco (Big Brother)

- Tommy Sheehan (Survivor)

- Turabi "Turbo" Camkiran (Survivor- Turkey)

- Zach Nichols (Real World: San Diego)


- Amber Martinez (Are You the one?)

- Amo Elizabeth (Real world : Go Big)

- Analyse Talavera (Big Brother)

- Arabella Chi (Love Island UK & The Challenge UK)

- Bayleigh Dayton (Big Brother)

- Claudia Albertario (The Challenge: Argentina)

- Colleen Schneider (The Mole Germany)

- Ella Wise (The only way exxes and the challenge uk)

- Emily Seebohm (The Challenge : Australia)

- Emy Alupei (X-Factort & Survivor Romania)

- Esther Falana (BKChat LDN)

- Eva Bargiela (The Challenge: Argentina)

- Jenna Compano (The Real World: Explosion)

- Jennifer Lee (Amazing Race)

- Jennifer West (Survival of the fittest UK)

- Jessica Brody (The Bachelor Aus & The Challenge: Aus)

- Jujuy Gimenez (La Academia & The Challenge: Argentina)

- Julieta Puente (La Academia & The Challenge Argentina)

- Justine Ndiba (Love Island US & The Challenge USA)

- Kayleigh Morris (Ex on The Beach UK)

- Kaycee Clark (Big Brother)

- Kaz Crossley (Love Island UK & The Challenge UK)

- Kellyanne Judd (Real World: Sydney)

- Kiki Morris( The Bachelor Aus & The Challenge Aus)

- Kyra Green (Love Isalnd USA & The Challenge USA)

- Latoya Jackson (The Real World: St. thomas)

- Nany Gonzalez (Real World: Las Vegas 2)

- Nia Moore (Real World: Portland)

- Nicole Zanatta (Real World: Skeletons)

- Nurys Mateos (Are You the One?)

- Olivia Kaiser (Love Island USA)

- Priscilla Anyabu (Love Island UK)

- Ravyn Rochelle (The Challenge: Ride or Dies)

- Sol Perez (Dancing with stars Argentina & The Challenge: Argentina)

- Tacha Alkide (Big Brother: Najia)

- Tori Deal (Are You the one?)

- Tula "Big T" Fazakerley (Shipwrecked)

- Tracy Candela (Love Island DE)

- Virgie Elizalde (The Challenge: Argentina)

- Zara Zoffany (The Royal World & The Challenge UK)

Dont Expect


Horacio Gutierrez (Exatlon USA)

Kenny Santucci (The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2)

Landon Lueck (Real World: Philadelphia)

Leo Temory (The Amazing Race & The Challenge USA)

Nelson Thomas (Are You the one)


- Angela Rummans (Big Brother)

- Amber Borzotra (Bug Brother)

- Aneesa Ferreira (The Real World: Chicago)

- Ashley Mitchell (The Real World: Explosion)

- Davonne Rogers (Big Brother)

- Esther Agunbiade  (Big Brother: Najia)

- Evelyn Smith ( The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2)

- Laurel Stucky (The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2)

- Kailah Casillas (The Real World: Go Big)

- Kam Williams (Are you the one?

- Marie Roda (The Real World: St. Thomas)

- Morgan Willett (Big Brother: Over The top)

- Natalie Anderson (survivor)

- Theresa Gonzalez (The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2)


Literally 3 people no one asked for!  Logan?  SMDH this show is dead & buried

Literally 3 people no one asked for!  Logan?  SMDH this show is dead & buried


will they ever stop casting nam? it's getting absurd

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz at the 3 names 

I'll wait for departure day baby

I'm pissed off already at those 3 names. But it's speculation so that could change Smile

10-12 weeks ? Lord they must be doing redemption again 

Aneesa as of now isnt on

No Horacio? We lost

This is Nam's time

Every list is tragic...


And I don't see a single reason why Logan needs to be back

Pink, anybody on USA2 gonna be on?

Aneesa as of now isnt on

thank the lord. 

the absolute jumpscare this already is?

the absolute jumpscare this already is?

y'all can stop complaining because they might actually use some of the 100 rookies they've given the past 3 seasons instead of people going on their 6th straight season.

3 heauxs that haven't done anything since they were on 2 years ago lawddd. But they lose other peoples numbers in 3 months 

I get Berna and I GUESS I get Nam

Logan makes no sense though...

No Da'vonne?!? We lost! Sad

& the Don't Expect list??? Jfc what did we do to deserve this

PR was it Ashley's choice or production for her to not be on? Like what are they playing at, do they ever want Ashley back? or is she Dee'd

How is nam always available lol

Is there anyone on the above list who has never competed in a Challenge before? (Like any true rookies to the game?)

10-12 Weeks????

I do think we're gonna get some of the global people- like Zara, Kiki, Kaz, Justine

Is there anyone on the above list who has never competed in a Challenge before? (Like any true rookies to the game?)

mark Byron 

Aneesa as of now isnt on

her choice or did production come to their senses with her?

if we have to endure those unbearable SLA rookies hope they cast a lot of people in their second seasons so that there arent enough rookies to waste literally half the season 

the only sla rookies on this should be esther and bettina periodt