The Challenge: World Championship- Kellyanne Beile Judd

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The Challenge: World Championship- Kellyanne Beile Judd

She looks like a protagonist from a teen vampire show...

She will always look like she belongs on a live action of the Wild Thornberry's to me.... she reminds me of the feral little brother. Same energy.

I do love her though, she's a unique personality and her friendship with Nia is cute.

Happy for her.

I thought she was starting to look good again until this pic Sad

Not flattering.

She gives off villain in an anime vibes with this picture 

I'll always have a soft spot for Queen KellyAnne 

I hope she's funny like she was on AS3 Lol

The photographers are trying their damnedest to make her look bad, but they're still failing. 

She looks more like a man here than Kaycee  

MOTHER has arrived 

Remember when she wasn't cast during the trilogy era and barley could get an alt spot? Glad she's back into the challenge universe

She doesn't take good cast photos but still think she's gorgeous 

She used to be so hot not anymore

She was so hot in sydney, the island and the ruins! She had me questioning my sexuality granted that was 13 years ago lol


She looks like sh it lol like she really hasn't aged well.

Does she have sideburns?

She looks great

Now this show is about to air?  Looks like another season l'll probably skip. Talk about Challenge fatigue. 

Does she have sideburns?

I knew I couldn't be the only one who saw this. She is giving Elvis vibes in her photo.

Hating her every day. One hit wonder. Jonna hater. Kendal defender. Weirdo 

Baddest ***** on the the cast 


a whole *** WEIRDO for going after queen Jonna like that!