The Challenge: Australia- Megan Marx

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The Challenge: Australia- Megan Marx

Original Show: The Bachelor Australia 4 & Bachelor I'm Paradise Australia 1

What made you want to do The Challenge?

I wanted to do The Challenge because I have some issues with my confidence and I feel like this is going to be really good for me.

I've had a really rough couple of months, and I want to be distracted and dig dep inside of myself and put on some armor and push myself out of my comfort zone.

How do you handle confrontation?

I am terrible with confrontation, but my fuse is a lot shorter than it used to be. I can be quite defensive. If someone comes at me I will defend myself, and if someone comes after my friend I will definitely stand up for them. But I don't like to ignite drama, and I'm not going to be confronting someone unnecessarily because in this game you want to be liked.

What is going to be your biggest weakness?

My biggest weakness will probably be internalising people who are playing the game, people lying to me, I think I'm gonna find that really hard and maybe it will get in my head.

I have to remember it's a game but I think I have the potential to take things personally.

this cast photo Sad

That hair is...something

Im scared to ask how old she is? She looks 50 here but she's probably in her 30's lol

Im scared to ask how old she is? She looks 50 here but she's probably in her 30's lol

she looks like Beth omg hahaha that's who I was thinking

Reminds me of Brandi Glanville

Oh this is queen.

Reminds me of Brandi Glanville

I love Brandi so I'll have to give her a chance

Really like her on the latest episode 


The Challenge Australia 2022's Megan Marx has addressed the response she has received to her recent claims about ADHD being an "influencer trend", revealing she has been inundated with "death threats" and "harassment" online. 

The 32-year-old received significant backlash in late November after Abbie Chatfield called her out for making "ableist" statements about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) being a "fad" and "stigmatising" medication. 

ADHD is a common, chronic neurodevelopmental condition that can include symptoms of attention difficulty, hyperactivity, hyper-fixations, forgetfulness and impulsiveness, according to APS

At the time, Megan responded to those "jumping on the hate train" by explaining she was also diagnosed with ADHD and retracted certain statements. The full overview of what went down can be found here.

On December 9, Megan took to her Instagram Story again to further call out the "hate" she had been receiving, explaining that she had been sent "death threats" because of the alleged "harassment campaign" against her. 

The Bachelor alum started her Instagram Story by addressing anybody who sent her harassment, asking them to unfollow her. 

"Let me make myself clear," Megan started. "If you're following me and you're one of the many people sending me messages saying 'they should have kept you in a cult' [or] sending me death threats, please just unfollow me and *** off." 

Megan claimed that everybody had the right to "diversity of thought" or to put it simply, different opinions. 

She urged people to "part ways" with her on social media if they wanted to "cause harm", but also encouraged them to "talk, discuss [and] disagree".

Let's preface this by pointing out the obvious. Nobody deserves their life to be threatened online.

"Death threats" and genuine "harassment" are completely counterintuitive to working towards better education on ADHD, neurodiversity and ongoing discussions regarding ableism. 

Megan continued: "If you're following me and you're not harassing me but you're somebody that has partaken or is partaking in the blatant harassment campaigns of specific individuals under the guise of being a 'social justice warrior'. Please also unfollow me."

Megan also appeared to address being called "ableist", which she described as an "offensive label". 

Megan's statements in November were described as "ableist" by Abbie and many others because she suggested the increase of people being diagnosed with ADHD was a "fad" or "trend".

In her recent Story, Megan claimed anybody who called her with "offensive labels" were either "too lazy or too threatened to have a nuanced discussion about what can be quite a complex issue is not just ****** lunacy; basically, it's the opposite of harm reduction".

It should be pointed out that using terminology such as "lunacy" or lunatic as a descriptor is also considered ableist language, as noted in the Harvard Business Review.

Megan appeared to believe that content creators calling her out was being used as "entertainment" rather than to reduce harm to the neurodivergent community or provide further education, as Abbie had previously suggested she was doing. 

She said: "[The discussion about ADHD] deserves more than a '*** you' [and] it deserves more than an organised takedown."

Megan continued by explaining that she liked "nuanced discussions" with her followers and embraced her personal "ideologies" being "challenged"

However, she appeared to call out Abbie for "punching down" at her because she had the "privilege" of having a larger platform online. 

There was a lot of confusing jargon in Megan's statement (to us, at least), but she appeared to be arguing that influencers like Abbie were being hypocritical. 

She claimed that people who were arguing against her supported "reparative justice" (which she also "believes in") and were "abolitionists" as "a hobby", but also used "social media as a courtroom".

According to the International Centre for Transitional Justice, "reparative justice" focuses on repairing the harm done to victims of human rights violations. This could include working towards decolonisation or providing support for those getting out of domestic/family violence situations, just as examples.

Abolitionists were the historical supporters of the movement to abolish slavery, as defined in Britannica

It appears Megan was using (sorta unrelated) big words to loosely address Abbie's previous statement that one of her "hyperfixations" is progressive or "left"-leaning "politics". 

"You believe in a reparative justice but you use a one-eyed view, you use social media as a courtroom or you're blaming individuals for issues that have gradients and diversity of thought," Megan said.

"I believe you're a part of a culture that lacks what the left [leaning politics] is all about."

Tl;Dr but I had a middle school teacher that said ADHD isn't real and it's just an excuse to be lazy. If two queens think that it's true then they must be correct!

Hmm lol weird thing to care that much about either way. Imagine sending death threats to someone over their views on ADHD lmao. 

not trying to start an argument, but she's not wrong in that it's definitely overdiagnosed based on them basically throwing Adderall/Ritalin at kids in the 90s/2000s both of which can be bad for you.