The Challenge: Australia - Jack Vidgen

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The Challenge: Australia - Jack Vidgen

Original Show: Australia Got Talent 5, I am a Celebrity l! Get me out of here 7, Ninja Warrior Australia 6 & The Masked Siger Australia 3

If it came down to it, would you betray a friend or an alliance?

If it came down to it, at the pointy end of the game, I would do it. Obviously somebody has to win, and you would choose yourself whether you are in an alliance or not.

What's your secret weapon?

My secret weapon is not only my ****, but I think it could be going under the radar. My plan is to chug along without being noticed so much as being a great player. If nobody sees me as a threat then maybe that will get me to the end of the game.

What is your strategy going into the game?

My strategy going into the game is really to build genuine connections and friendships. That's how I operate in life. I'm not good with fakeness, so I'd like to build alliances with people that I genuinely like.  

He was dragging production on some podcast for being cheap and not flying the cast in first class lol

That's a lot of shows lol 

he also looks 12. He's gonna be the diva of the season who quits lol

his fillers are all so bad he looks awful in every promo/clip

he's gonna get whooped love him tho!!

another plastic surgery victim. Should grow hair out to his shoulders he may look decent

Imagine if he does an Emy Alupei and releases a single on the challenge lmaoo

He looks like an smaller version Laurel best friend

he gagged me a lil bc i didn't expect him to do that well..

He is a better competitor than what I was expecting 

Robbed Sad