The Challenge: Ride or Dies- Devin Walker and Tori Deal

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The Challenge: Ride or Dies- Devin Walker and Tori Deal

Hand me two sets of bricks 

Why couldn't they dress up for these photos? Them all wearing a plain black shirt is not flattering

She always looks like she is having an allergic reaction. I just wanna stab her with an epi pen every time I see her.

My least favorite team of all time

Just looking at their photo gets on my nerves

I know no one is smiling in their cast pics but these two are frowning hard


nobody talk in this thread! they don't deserve attention.

You sure they not just *******?

Tori is looking a little... yeah, I thought her SLA pic was bad but this is just off

Tori looks like she could be the daughter of Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda.

Tori's pic is even worse than last years

Worst. Team. Ever

Maybelline commerical gone wrong 

Embarassments to human kind

now thats a hard 29 for tori, devin shockingly looks decent though Smile

devin looks cute here. sling me that musty pipe sir !!


Not just saying this because I don't like Tory, but honestly this is a horrible cast photo

I just know she was in the middle of saying "if you get me a good cast photo I'll blow you" to the photographer when the photo was taken

Tori looks like she eats mean ***** in this cast photo

They look like two people I would hate even if I didn't know who they were

Most obnoxious, cringey duo in Challenge history 

Did tori get more work done? Why her face look so weird

She has had way too much work done YIKES

out here looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein

What is going on with her face lmao yikes.