The Challenge: USA - Cashay Proudfoot

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The Challenge: USA - Cashay Proudfoot
Original Show: Love Island 3

Love her hate the purple 

CASHAY, GURL, what is you doin'?

nah the purple is a serve

a star!

I watched one episode of her season and loved her energy so much. I know I'll love her here. Queen.

She was the STAR of season 3 and would've won the whole show had she found a man to link up with before the finals. The BREAKOUT star of 2021 reality tv imo. I was so shocked how fast I fell in love with her. It's a shame most people are clueless of her GREATNESS because they chose not to watch love island and proceed to complain they don't know these people and assume the cast is bad.

<3 my girl, love her 

Get him mods

Oh wow