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We have really come full circle. ***** at least Jenna got a ring and a house!!

please we all know how that's going to end

Been saying this for years, lol. Zach will end up in jail, Jenna in the hospital. He is definitely a wife beater.

sounds close to what I'm thinking lol

And I won't feel bad for Jenna, she's a stupid lifeless dumb submissive wife. That's what she gets. In the words of Amber B. "not my problem."

She is an idiot for falling in love with a man that she watched him verbally abuse a roommate. She is an idiot for staying with a man that she experienced mistreat and manipulate her, and not only did she experience it she got to watch it back. So yes, she is stupid and it's hard to be sympathetic but clearly this stems from some kind of childhood trauma with her father. It's sad girls thinking this toxicity is healthy. 

Amanda is what happens when you live your life being a hater lmao. i'm not even saying she's wrong about some people but the universe is clearly telling her to mind her damn business because the shit that happens to her is just so....

my good sis Sad

This Jenna hate is too much. Sad I'm gonna start making posts about her being the face of the show and make fun of your favorites while I *giggle*

This whole situation is just weird lmao. I cannot...

Good for her.

This whole situation is just weird lmao. I cannot...

maybe the trauma of the 2 or so months she spent with trash fessy made her think that shes better off going back to the trash that knocked her up lol

Maybe she should have just took Josh up on his offer. 

what & run the risk of having a shrek baby?

She's pathetic.

I wish Joss would've gotten her pregnant, then I wouldn't have to deal with this crisis


I don't care what she does in her personal life. Every season she is on she is one of my favorites. Not going to cancel her for this. She's not Camila. Just has shit taste in men, which ***** has been the case since Ayto3. It's her brand. 

I like Amanda but she has a tendency of bashing other female cast members from stuff they do, while doing the same as them later on.

Really agree with this 100%, I like Amanda too for the most part but feel she's a bit of a hypocrite.

She's pathetic.

Yup, off the Amanda train officially. I like her on the show because she brings it but this is pretty pathetic considering how she's being a Jenna 2.0. Not cute.

Ugh now I have no one to root for in the current era.

Tracy, Shaleen & Esther Falana. Plenty of options, bestie.    

Why'd it take people so long to see who Amanda really was?   lol

wat did amanda do to warrant this response 

Why'd it take people so long to see who Amanda really was?   lol

This is temporary. We are just hurt and disappointed right now. 

Everyone in this thread pretending like they are gonna side with Tori over Amanda next season..

im still confused on whay amanda did

im still confused on whay amanda did

Aside from being a hypocrite?  


im still confused on whay amanda did

Aside from being a hypocrite?  


im still confused on whay amanda did

She hasn't done anything, everyone is just assuming that because her ex is saying weird shit on social media that it's true

I have a personal pet peeve of girls or guys who keep going back to unhealthy relationships. I like strong independent women. She's even worse though cause of how she treated Jenna for it.

im still confused on whay amanda did

Nothing other than having an obsessive baby daddy & trying to make their co-parenting relationship work. Even if she was trying to work things out people are overreacting since let's be real we all have seen those parents that try to make it work for their kid(s) multiple times some are successful at it, while others aren't but at the end it's her life outside this show.

I do see the part that she comes as hypocritical if she is working it out with him since she has been hard on those stuck in those toxic cycles. But at the end of the day it's her business and her decisions.

she is very hypocritical but this situation is a bit different imo. Lol this isnt just a reality tv fling, unfortunately hes her babys father...