The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies- Berna Canbeldek

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Berna <3

She can go

If Amanda hates her, I hate her too.

Was literally coming here to say this. Lol

Y'all try to HARD to find a reason to hate her and thats what we call reaching.

Just shut up no one cares why do you hate her. If you have nothing good to say ignore this thread because your opinions  are NOT valid.


Cj and Avery>berna 



You're yawning but you have an amber pfp. The jokes right themselves 


Nany stans best bet would be to be quiet because Nany hasn't done anything entertaining since her return but sleep with a taken woman behind her girlfriends back and the ***** can't even admit it 

I like her. She's a smoke show and def looks like she can do some damage.

No I lowkey love her....

she's featured in a lot of trailer shots too

"Why would you lie and play games with 2 women?" feminist queen


CT knows he didn't want her ***

She looks so good in motion queen

Queen of bleeding lol.

I still think she looks like a lost extra from the set of AHS Coven with that outfit in her pic


A Problem. A lock for next season.

I don't really like her she gives me Tori 2.0 on social media and I hate that dress she wears like 3 times every week since qurantine

Love her 

Wack *****

Now she's a wack ***** for real

Love her