The Challenge: All Stars- Jonna Mannion

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Jonna is really a finals type of girl. I really wish we got to see her make a final when she was doing the regular show. Shed def be a champ.

her and nany was consistently the second best female team after emily and paula. 

She needs to come back on a season and show everyone who really started this 

I just watched the final and OMG she is killing it! I knew there was something about her that made me think she would do so well in the final. I wish she made it there in her regular seasons because she might've been a champ by now :/

She's on twitter humble as ever giving the credit to her partners, but they were lucky to have her too because if she sucked, they would not be placing high.

I am so glad she was given another shot after battle of the exes 2 ❤️

Queen did so well on that final

I'll be honest, I wasn't particularly thrilled to have Jonna on this show in the beginning but now I would def be happy if she was on next season. 

Here to give Jonna her flowers...So proud of her. I always wanted her to make a final because she may be small but she is FIERCE! She has alot of heart and she was truly robbed in past seasons.

when she started talking about telling her kids that they can do anything, I got so emotional. <3 

She needs to take Aneesa spot on the regular show

She did amazing, if she was partner with a different ex on Exes 2 ( maybe Jordan ) she would've definitely be a champ right now

*hands her flowers*




Hey queen! Girl you have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly! <3


She killed it in that final i always knew she had it in her to do well in a final if she got had there in the past she would've been a champ by now. I hope she goes on more seasons of all-stars or even comes back on the main show

I honestly think Jonna's arc from RW to All Stars is my all time favorite. She has changed so much, been through so much, achieved so much, and has really turned out to be a fantastic person. She is such a gem to the MTV family.

She has involved so much since her real world days!!! I love her

I've always loved her but All Stars solidified her as one of my top females ever, such a journey.. such an amazing human.

If this ends up being her last challenge, she definitely went out on a high note. I loved that we got to see her confidence come back this season and her final confessionals are perfect for her story arc. Her and KellyAnne really impressed me in the final. 

Love her ❤️

can we just agree she won for the girls?

My sister 

If she comes back she could def win. I think she would be way more ready

Bogus there was only one winner for this. So bogus! A robbed Queen!

She definitely one of the ones who didn't miss a beat even after having kids months before, she is also one who should 100% be on season two 

Hey queen! Girl you have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly! <3

she makes me so emotional ahhh im so happy for her

Queen posted 2 days ago an ig story of her working out at a crossfit gym! The girlies aint ready

I'm not going to lie, she's my favorite girl anyway, but she SHOCKED me when even without a partner, all by herself, she was getting as far ahead as she was in the final run (not shocked she was ahead of Aneesa though). She's still in post-partum mommy shape and she was able to do that! Imagine after working out.

she makes me so emotional ahhh im so happy for her

Yeah when she got emotional coming up that mountain, I got emotional.

Jonna, winner of All-Stars season 3.