The Challenge: Double Agents- Kam Williams

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The Challenge: Double Agents- Kam Williams

Veteran: 5th Challenge 

queen kam, killa kam -- despite countless nicknames, one title still eludes this powerhouse competitor: "challenge" champion. now, she's back and hungrier than ever to take home her first win. with her propensity for elaborate plots and ability to form massive alliance structures, look for kam to be a major force on the political side of things. one change to her game this season will be coming in alongside leroy, with whom she is now in a committed relationship. with the two lovebirds eager to take home some big money to start their life together, they will be a power couple to watch. more importantly, kam wants to use her platform to inspire black women and support the fight for racial justice in america. with this powerful motivation behind her, practically nothing can stand between her and victory. 

coming to fling all your favs <3

Queen tingz ❤️

Queen <3



Phew she served. So beautiful

She looks a mess. Like she just got outta a dlvorce and has 4 bad kids LMAOOO

She looks a mess. Like she just got outta a dlvorce and has 4 bad kids LMAOOO

The way you had to reach so hard to come up with this delusional take.

This photo is not it. If it had better lighting it would've been a serve 

I mean she's iconic, she's legendary, she is amazing, she is a queen. Phenomenal. Phenomenal woman. That is she, I love her. So you know, she's my fav and I'm rooting for her to win this season :)

Looking good but the lighting is bad

when you're the main ***** you get to make main ***** moves 

She looks like a ****** but her champs vs stars one is her best cast pic so far

Looking like she's ready to take no prisoners.  She deserved a much better photo.

Yeah this pic does not do her justice at all. 

the titties are tittying here and in the group pic, okay purr 

I'm starting to see what you guys are talking about with the lighting but I'm gonna ignore that and focus how good her "not on my watch" look is Smile


I always forget she has freckles.

fierce but there's also something off with the photo idk

Killa Kam ❤❤

January ain't killed a ************ person but her self pride n dignity to be wit Ms Garret Ms Leroy Garrett who had the nerve to evict her *** cause she had friends ugh


hopefully she go home first or quit after a psychotic meltdown on the first episode 

Choosing a pic where the light is on her neck of all places is such a weird choice 

Looking terrible but the new face of the show.

We all know I'm not a fan of her's but even I think this picture doesn't do her justice