The Challenge: War of The Worlds II - Dee Nguyen

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The Challenge: War of The Worlds II - Dee Nguyen

2nd season: 0 finals

“Dee from Down Under” is a Reinforcement following an impressive debut on War of the Worlds that saw her nearly reach the Finals before falling short in the season’s last elimination. Along the way, she proved herself as one of the game’s most loyal competitors, navigating the game alongside close-knit allies -- in particular, Ninja and Wes. Beyond her loyalty, Dee has demonstrated a willingness to face any and all fears in pursuit of victory. Will her loyalties be tested, or will her drive to win overcome any potential team drama?


Dee-struction is a way better nickname than Dee from down under 

Dee-struction is a way better nickname than Dee from down under 

LegenDee Nguyen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Can't wait for single Dee....

Loved her on Geordie Shore.


We arent giving Dee DaVonnes nickname but queen

I am the only one that thinks she is boring and have a boring voice to go with her personality?

But those t  i  t  t  i  e  s. 

Everything about Dee from head to toe is a mess

Dee been looking better this season than last season idk why.

LegenDee Nguyen >>>>>>>

LegenDee Nguyen >>>>>>>

Her face kinda hard 

She’s boring to me 

She's boring but she has this stank attitude that I feel like would rub people the wrong way. 

I still think she sounds like she has a constant blocked nose.

I want to like her but what annoys me is that were constantly told how how "great she is" and hows shes "such a strong competitor" etc, yet ive seen done of it.

Where my “ Dee from down under “ stans at ? Seems like she has good taste finally. She picked the winning team 

Maybe I should stop dragging 

Laurel trying bag those bean bag size tetas... i see you wink wink  


Dee is so gorgeous ❤

Shes either boring or annoying. I had such high hopes for her. Nice milkers atleast

Just because she isn't getting in huge fights and drama every episode doesn't make her boring...

She's not a super ~main character~ but she's someone gets a decent amount of screentime and seems like an interesting person who is dedicated to the game.

Lowkey think she's been a really good addition to the show

I agree. She’s one of my favorite new additions. 

Everyone on team UK goes off on Rogan for not going into elimination but no one says a word about Dee not going in Political Queen 

best female wotw rookie yeah

Wouldn’t call myself a fan but she’s better than she was last season 

I Stan her but she needs to quit working with cara and end her friendship with ninja. Ninja is so damn annoying.

icon yall disrespected