MTV's Border Life: Nogales

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MTV's Border Life: Nogales

Formerly "MTV's The Valley" aka MTV's Border Life: Nogales (TBD)

Announced back in June 2018 on Deadline:


The Valley (working title), a timely coming-of-age docuseries in the spirit of The Hills and Siesta Key which follows a group of young friends growing up in the Valley town of Nogales, Arizona, a city split in half, with one side in the United States and the other in Mexico.

In the heat of "Trumps Wall"..and US/Mexico Border controversies...This city is HOT. Smacked dab in the middle of the conversation. This town is legit split in half & is where Trump would/could put his border up even bigger than it already is. 

Slated for a Fall 2019 Premiere!

The Cast (so far)

Hailey (Born in France, Cancer Survivor)

Sydni (Model of the group)

Daniela (the "relationship" girl, Sam & Ronnie vibes)

Milo (Activist, Proud Mexican, Ladies man)

Luis (Athlete, Snowboarder)

Sebastian (Rocker, Alternative Guy of the group)


Mika (Baseball player/Model)


Cast Filming Confessionals


That's all we've gathered so far...Wonder what this format is going to look like and how they come together??


Just got word it’s already been moved to MTV2 at 11

We stan Hailey

mtv needs to stop trying 

mtv needs to stop trying 

mtv needs to stop trying 

Hard pass on this one


i screamed @ “model of the group” 

Just got word it’s already been moved to MTV2 at 11

honey moves to midnight with limited commercials! 

i screamed @ “model of the group” 

Same ! LOL

No thx

maybe this could be good, but not on MTV lol

I'm not trying to be rude but.......... "model"?

Luis is fine af tho

mtv needs to stop trying 

Whats Luis ig?

Wtf is this

Wtf is this

LOL I'm wondering the same thing...maybe they have a story to tell?

Added a new cast member! Wonder where theyre at with production on this series? Its been reported most of them are back at school. 

They really made a new show just to get Bananas a new girlfriend 

If MTV was smart they can film the cast struggling with real life and  school stuff. I feel like people would relate to that.