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Wife Swap

Does anybody else admire Wife Swap for its brilliance as the greatest reality show ever that it is? I'm pretty ******* excited that it's back; there are only 2 reality shows I watch religiously and this is one of em.




However, like most reality TV shows out there, Wife Swap comes with its own behind-the-scenes revelations that sometimes make viewers question the validity of the content they're watching. From hiring actors to play the roles within the families to fabricating dramatic situations out of nowhere, the producers of Wife Swap have had to get creative in order to make compelling episodes. Besides the harmless insider secrets that help create interesting situations on screen, there are a handful of shady incidents that the showrunners would like to keep quiet.While the creators may have never intended to cause any harm or trouble for the families, a handful of them has experienced family break-ups, loss and other tragic events due to the nature of how the show was made.

Here are Wife Swap: 11 Things That Were Totally Fake (And 6 That Were Real).


I just read that article thanks for the share.... Did not realize how Almost scripted it was XD.... The MANUALS WEREN'T REAL!??? That's insane  

Do they get to **** each other's wives too? That would be interesting...