Stranded with a Million Dollars

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That's hilarious this thread was bumped because I was dead *** thinking about this flop show the other day. Anyone remember when mtv had that poll of who we'd like to see on the challenge?

This was by far one of the only shows that truly ****** me off. Like I legit wanted to send Cody death threats around this time lol

Their version does look better according to Google they have only be filming for like a week and it has already better footage than the American one in my opinion

I wish the one here would have had challenges/missions too. It would have been more interesting. 


I wonder how the missions will work and eliminations (if there are any) all in one week? Interesting to see what happens.

I’m watching Makani’s episode of Naked and affraid... is this girl really that sluggish in speech or is she trying to out on a character for the camera as if she’s never been on TV before. Maybe it’s been a long time but she’s talking like a caveman. 

Also this narrative that she’s “showmancing” with this dude is hilarious. And her sleeping all day and meditating while the other two just break/get sick 

Watching the Latin American version and have to say it's a combination of this plus the challenge plus survivor plus fear factor. The old lady on it is the star (basically a Beth) hated by everyone and fighting everyone lol 

I wish the American version was more like this one. 

Aida Nizar always delivers

Aida Nizar always delivers

I have never watch such a narcissistic troll before, I would be shock if someone doesnt punch her or drag her by her hair soon lol

I can only imagine not being able to eat or sleep well while dealing with a person like that 24/7. But I love her dramatic self  and how easy she drives them crazy.