The Challenge: Final Reckoning (Spoilers Discussion)

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The Challenge: Final Reckoning (Spoilers Discussion)

This thread is for discussion on Eliminations, Missions, Drama, Etc. for Season 32 of The Challenge: Final Reckoning.

The Cast speculation thread is only for Casting spoilers and speculation.

Spoilers will be posted in the lock thread under the first post with the cast.

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:sad face:



he was so arrogant after he beat Bananas, only to go home first the next season....

I liked Devin cocky personality on AYTO...but for some reason it comes off VERY cringe worthy on The Challenge..especially when he tries to make a strategic move.

Also... 1 less person against Natalie (if she’s not already out lol). Yay!

devin goes from having a good season to a bad season and then repeat 

He was talking so much shit to Johnny at the reunion and now he’s out first hahahaha

Hot take: Jenna is my prediction for first female out.

And the cycle continues for devin. Lol 

I’m not saying shit about my Queens because the voodoo is real with this damn show. I-m so happy

I mean we knew Devin was never good a good athlete. But I can already hear Bananas' wack confessionals "Hell hath no fury like a banana scorned" "if you come for me I'm gonna come back 10 times harder" "If you play with the bull you're gonna get the horns" 

For past couple of weeks he was only bashing Johnny just to get eliminated first. Karma is strong with this.

Devin :(. Well it looks like production will try to make Bananas relevent with some more notes.

welp. I'll just assume that Devin got eliminated in a first purge, or maybe one of Johnny/CT/Zach won the first challenge, voted him in & got eliminated.

Devin is alliance dependant. Won't be able to survive on his skills alone unfortunately.

So sick of purges

Devin is kind of annoying so yay

IMO this is definitely a purge especially since the cast is quite big, and it fits the direction of the past 2 seasons.

I'd say a girl is out too, and PR will find it out.

Season cancelled. 

If I see Da’Vonne or Natalie’s name out first I will vomit 

If I see Da’Vonne or Natalie’s name out first I will vomit 

clean up on aisle 4

I'm going to predict Kayleigh being out, only because she finished 2nd to last on the Vendettas/Gibraltar purge, and because IDK how well the other rookies can perform, lol.

Devin Cray 2

Devin YOUR DONE mama! AHAHAHHA dont mess with queen natalegend again!


South Africa is a pretty cool location

How y'all go from being team Devin & all about Devin a few weeks ago to now being glad he's out first? Do y'all want to hear Johnny's lame *** boasting that he's a proud production pet?

Devin needs to start taking this serious if he wants to be a regular tho frfr.

If Bananas makes it the final with this  level on male side, I'll be dissapointed.

I only jumped on team Devin when he eliminated Bananas, he failed this time around so I'm bouncing.


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