The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars - Playing Me for the Foos

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You people are always reaching on this site. Trying to find ways to discredit his wins. Whether you like him or not he is great competitor on the challenge & especially when it comes to running finals. It's just sad at this point with some of the excuses you people try to come up with. Not to mention luck plays a huge factor for everyone on the challenge at some point or another. Just the way it is.

I wasn't aware that being correct was also known as reaching. I never said that he isn't a great competitor. He may be a ******* but he's a good competitor. That being said you can be a good competitor and be lucky as shit as well. I also said that his strength was in the finals, but we said it in different words. 

Jfreeze wrote:

Please tell me what storylines Wes has brought in the last 4 challenges  other than trying to recruit rookies to go after the GOAT

I don't think that Wes has ever gone after Darrell/Landon/Alton.

haha love this

Wes is a KING and we need him on a regular season tbh. 

This season has been bad because the stars are getting destroyed.


Wes is seriously so great.

gamer73 wrote:

Out of the Star only Josh, Riff Raff, and Justina should be considered for the challenges. They’d be so interesting to see with everyone else IMO. 

don't do queen kim like that

Sorry facts is facts and Kim is boring - unfortunate because I like her but ummmm no we already have plenty of wallpaper

That elimination was cool! I don't mind seeing that again in a future Challenge season