The Challenge: Invasion-Theo Bradley

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Come to find out it was actually on Twitter where he said it (its still up if you go back to Oct. 11) lmao but yeah. T.O. is about to bring it during his time on Champs v.s. Stars and we need somebody just like him to be on regular seasons. Theo has a much better shot of actually redeeming himself than any other "quitters" anyway and as much as I love Ashley/Marie, they QUIT on XXX so they need to stop bullshitting & give him his chance.

What pissed me off about this is that when Jay and Theo quit they get so much shit from fans, but when Jenna and Ashley M (although I love her) are almost erased from the quitters book! 

Ashley M gets a lot of shit lol what you talking about. And Jenna got shit too when she quit but they brought her back which was the reason it all got erased. So I see yalls point with the unfairness treatment on Theo. 

Will ALWAYS be an advocate for this man to get his shot at #Redemption.He is very similar in personality to T.O. and has even said that himself (he deleted the IG post but he basically said T.O. was his long lost father lmaooooo). BRING THEO BACK!

They really tried making him like Leroy though on Invasion.