The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Rampage

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The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Rampage

A not-so-secret kiss sends shockwaves through the house. When a player crosses the line with nasty comments, her competitors to refuse to let it slide. A physically demanding elimination requires more than just strength.

PERFECT image for tonight's episode. I think we can all agree Smile

I feel like this episode will be top 3 this season

The image lmao

I guessing from the description and based off how the season has been so far that we are only getting house drama and an elimination tonight. But the drama looks juicy so I dont even mind.



I'm not getting my hopes up that this will be a good episode.

Hopefully bmp are smart enough to not be fooled  by her " i am taking professional pics in a bikini and playing a ukelele so ive changed" . I dont even care what she did with tony its everything else she does. 


oooo tonight is going to be good 

The elimination sounds lit

Time for the downfall of camila to begin.  Long overdue!

Damn that thread pic giving me flashbacks to #PepperGate2010, yikes


Bye Camila!!!

I really don't like someone getting dragged on TV but I am all here for Camilla getting put in her place.  I just hope they focus more on the Leroy thing than the Tony situation since I don't feel she was 100% wrong in the Tony thing.  With Leroy she absolutely deserves to get dragged since she was the instagator but unless she actively pursued Tony while knowing he was taken I don't really feel she did anything wrong.

Watch then completely edit it to look harmless...

i havent watched in weeks but im tuning in a bit to see how they handle this...i think we wont see bad stuff

Hoping for a good episode!

moment of truth

Tony is cute I guess, but he ain't worth looking like an idiot on national television 

Nicole is me

Is this the first racism scandal since exes 1? It's been too long!

okay... two drunk idiots

Even those homeless dogs are smart enough to stay away from your gross, stank ***, camila.

Queen Brit

Even those homeless dogs are smart enough to stay away from your gross, stank ***, camila.


okay... two drunk idiots

Bye drunkie 

omg this girl is blacked