The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Derrick Kosinski

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The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Derrick Kosinski

Derrick is an old-school cast member, and he's been biding his time before making his triumphant return to The Challenge. Always the scrappy little fighter, the Road Rules vet proved that he could be dirty when he was a part of the mob-like gang that double-crossed Paula on The Island. The stakes are high for Derrick, and he's stated he will do anything to secure a W for his son -- double-crossing someone included?

SEXY AS ALL *********** ❤️

SEXY AS ALL *********** ❤️


go derrick

Hasn't changed a bit o_o

And I said Derrick didn't train as much as he used to lol. Looking forward to him returning!

LurkerNoMore wrote:

SEXY AS ALL *********** ❤️

There is one 'n' too many inthe thread name btw

So excited he's back!!!!!!!!!

Rooting for D! Take it home for the old Schoolers. Show these rookies how the game is really played.

SEXY AS ALL *********** ❤️

So daddy

Lookin good D

SEXY AS ALL *********** ❤️


King Derrick! 


damnnn he looks so sexy

Hottest man cast member

Ok I thought he was looking a little rough on Cutthroat tbh, I'm shook at how good he looks

Best he's ever looked. Rugged >>> Boyish charms


I can't get over looking this pic <333333

Good to see another bad *** competitor return to the challenge.

"Derrick we're going to need you to wear this wife beater."

"No way, gotta show the pecs."

"Derrick you look great, really you do but we don't want it to look like you're trying too hard."

"*flexes pecs*"


After him being snubbed for Invasion it's good to see him back on this show again.

Also that body is amazing <3.

Derrick came to play this season!

Holy ****, he's jacked! He looks fantastic.

I see no ring on the finger? damn

I see no ring on the finger? damn

He's divorced. Oh and his last name is misspelled..

damn daddy looking so fineee