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Is anyone watching Martin Scorsese & Mick Jagger's new HBO collab "Vinyl"?? It's a crazy look into the sex, drugs, and rock and roll/jazz/punk/disco/etc era of the 70s. Through the lens of Richie Finestra and American Century, the record label he runs/is trying not to run into the ground, the very muscially driven show is one hell of a ride! Amazing song selections and performances each episode keep the show rolling as we follow Richie's chaotic life, from finding a new punk rock band to bring interest back into the label, to trying to hold his family together as he slips back into drug addiction, to covering up a brutal murder that puts him at the centre of a police investigation. This show has it all!! It nails the time period perfectly, the direction is amazing, and the cast is top notch in all their roles. Scorsese & Jagger's new hit show may have had a rocky start (many found the premiere slow) but each week it just keeps getting better and better!! Tonight's episode was all sorts of crazy!! It could've been a standalone short movie and I would have loved it.

"The music scene in 1970s New York is still awash in sex and drugs, but rock 'n' roll is giving way to an era of punk, disco and hip-hop. Desperately trying to navigate the changing landscape is American Century Records founder and president Richie Finestra, whose passion for music and discovering talent has gone by the wayside. With American Century on the verge of being sold, a life-altering event rekindles Finestra's professional fire, but it may leave his personal life in ruins."

Trey sang this beautifully in tonight's episode... shivers

I am surprised no one else is watcing this show. I'm really enjoying it thus far and the soundtrack has been amazing. It should build an audience over time and HBO has already renewed it for a second season. 


p.s. I still have Life on Mars stuck in my head almost a week later.