E! Online Seacrest Taps into the Hoff's Tales

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E! Online Seacrest Taps into the Hoff's Tales
If anyone can reinvigorate David Hasselhoff's "Knight Rider"-era idol status, it's Ryan Seacrest. The perennially busy "American Idol" host has signed on as an executive... [b][url="http://feeds.eonline.com/~r/eonline/topstories/~3/161754036/index.jsp"]Link To Original Article[/url][/b]
I don't think there is a chance in Hell the series, [B]"Tales of the Hoff"[/B] will amount to anything. I am actually sure I will never see or hear of it again. I totally believe in my heart of hearts this will be my last comment on it ever, ever, ever. [B]Note: [/B]It [I]"might"[/I] be on a website I am visiting or [I]"maybe"[/I] on E! one day when I am flipping channels, but as a man I have highly evolved selective hearing/vision and have made a mental note to block it out and nod...
Will there be a scene with him eating a cheeseburger off of the bathroom floor??
Ya think? ****it....and I said I wouldn't watch (or comment!)

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