God, I love celebrity hypocrites!

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God, I love celebrity hypocrites!
So I'm assuming that everyone has hear about Disney's High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens naked pic scandal. Well I just saw an interview she did on Tyra taped before the pics got leaked where she had this to say.... Tyra: When you read about young stars like Britney and Lindsay and them getting in trouble, how does that affect you personally? VH: I honestly just think it’s stupid. [laughs] It’s easy to stay out of those situations. You just have to be smart about your decisions. Open mouth, insert foot! Haha, I just found this amusing.
It is not like she really got in trouble. She was sharing a hot picture of herself with her boyfriend and someone got a hold of it and leaked it to the net. That is not like doing lines of coke and driving around LA chasing after your assistant or getting hammered and wiping up your dogs crap with a $20,000 dress....
I know that, and I don't think it's a big deal. But the whole 'be smart about your decisions' part was amusing. I mean, if you're in the squeaky clean Disney factory with legions of tween fans, taking naked pics for annnnyone is not 'being smart about your decicions.' JMO.
[quote=Katiedid;210]taking naked pics for annnnyone is not 'being smart about your decisions.[/quote] Shhhhhhh...! Now why would you have to go and say something like that? :sneaky:
Geez Asto.....what are you eating done there in Texas? You are always getting sick! :)