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Taye Diggs
I read in an article today that his birth name is Scott, but they called him "Scott-aye" so when he went to Hollywood, he kept the "Taye". Scott, Taye, I really don't care what your name is, just take your shirt off.
I think I enjoyed [URL="http://www.ifilm.com/episode/16790"]his Punk'd episode[/URL] (3rd clip down if you have not seen it) more then most of his other television/movie appearances :) Oh...and if you listen, the "doctor" calls him Scott. [B]Note:[/B] I liked him in Day Break. Of course they canceled that 6 episodes in...
I liked him in Rent...
[quote=Katiedid;99]I liked him in Rent...[/quote] Isn't that a Musical/Broadway play? I avoid musicals like the plague!
I'm really not huge into them either. But that one I liked. I saw it on a field trip in high school and I watched the movie. I think Taye was in the original Broadway cast and in the movie. I enjoyed it. However, I refuse to see Hairspray even if it does have uber young hottie Zac Efron in it. :)

Even better


Is this a...4 way Bacchus conversation?



Never could stand Taye Diggs. He's too whitewashed.