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the goats gonna have more screentime then some of your faves this season Wink

People eat meat every day not knowing if they're eating the mama or the baby, I don't see any difference right now. I agree with Sandra on this one

Those goats were adorable 

was australia last time when they killed  something bigger?

i mean they had i think a shark in all stars and in palau.

i mean they had i think a shark in all stars and in palau.

Right. That bitch Amanda wrestled a shark once too. Don't remember if the ate that

Sierra being an asset <3

Vote off Tai 

Ok this can actually be a pretty interesting tribal

Vote off Tai 

one can only hope

Just when you think Tai can't be any dumber...

Break them Sierra yess

oh fuck off tai

I'm done if tai votes for caleb lol

My King better not go...

I love Hali <3

Hey guys, if you ever forget what this season's theme is, don't worry, it will likely be mentioned several times every episode.

Tired of this Debbie girl. 

Yeah Caleb is so going, Tai made it obvious

Caleb should go if you're playin longterm


lmaoooo game changer my ass

yup. all star vibes. confirmed.

Goddamnit Beast Mode! If Micaela leaves I'm done with this season

Brad so far >>>>>>

yup. all star vibes. confirmed.

sierra is the new amber

Brad so far >>>>>>

3 people im pulling for still in it at least Smile

Just wanna say that I would of definitely killed the goats had I been there, I was extremley irritated by the hypocrisy shown during the episode, I even laughed my ass off when that one girl was like "we have chicken who are meant to be killed, so it doesn't make sense to kill the goats" it's like you even hear yourself.

So glad Caleb is gone. Never liked him on BB or on BVBVB2. Tai or Troyzan next hopefully. This next episode looks very interesting. Hopefully the ratings pick up a little.