Interview with Syrus

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Interview with Syrus

When it comes down to OG Challengers, Syrus is a common name. We have not seen him since The Ruins, but from what he told me he is ready to return and is training. Vevomians please post any questions you want me to ask Syrus as he has agreed to an interview.

Also my interview with Brianna Taylor should be done soon, she has a very busy schedule

You've managed to stay in the Challenge loop pretty well through the spring break events over the years. Which newer Challengers do you get along with the most? Any that you'd consider aligning with if you return? And based on their perspectives of the show, how do you think The Challenge has evolved since your last appearance on the Ruins?

Aside from the long-awaited Old School vs New School theme, what type of season would like you to compete on? Individual? Pairs?

Any seasons you said no to that you wish you said yes to?

anyone else have any ?'s i have a bunch but i would love if we got a wide variety of questions from people

What was his favorite challenge?

does he still keep in contact with julie

How often do you rewatch the seasons you've participated in?  Any certain one more so than others?  
What do you think you would have done in life had you not been on the Real World/Challenges?  How much of it would have been different in terms of where you live/family etc.

Favorite person he was with on each of his seasons, and least favorite overall