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08. Beth

AVG: 7.77
The most calculated, conniving player and biggest villain of all time. This is a reality TV game show and as a pioneer, Beth knew how to create good tv on both the RW and The Challenge. Beth just gets it! Beth went on these shows to promote her brand and get a rise out of people. Knowing that she was hated by majority of the cast Beth thrived off it. Cast members would be disgusted at the thought of playing with Beth when she got on and off the plane.
Osama Beth Laden: Her first challenge was literally one of the first few challenges ever, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and it would be the only time she ever made it to the end because there were no vote-offs or eliminations. That season would also be the birth of her rivalry with Montana that would last until Gauntlet 2. The two hated each other and any Challenge the two did together Beth would always pick on Montana for her lack of stepping up and being a weak player. Aside from Beth being someone you can never trust, she wasn't the best competitor and held her RW team back. During a mission Beth suffered from an "ankle injury" and milked it the whole season causing her team to lose missions because she refused to participate. What a bitch, but what a way to start off your road to being the most hated.
Her bad relationship with the cast and bad reputation both on and off show got her early tickets home on her next two Challenges Battle of the Seasons and Sexes. On Seasons she wasn't surprised to hear her name for the first vote-off in Challenge history, and Beth and her partner Jon were voted off instead of the lowest scoring team Mike and Sharon. Beth had no desire to campaign, she knew Norman was especially out to get her. Norman stated that Beth needed to go because she was manipulative, a liar, and a cheat. And then the biggest burn on the Challenge at the time was born, Norman called her as "Osama Beth Laden." She wasn't on for no longer than 1-2 episodes but she was still the center of attention for her second and third season.
Tonya wants an answer: Inferno 2 was Good Guys vs Bad Asses and Beth being the OG badass she was had a plan up her sleeve: insert herself in all the drama, start rumors and deny-deny! Beth instigated one of the best moments in Challenge history; the Robin-Mark-Tonya triangle and Tonya tossing Beth’s luggage into the pool. Tonya did the ultimate dumb move and confided in Beth with information about dating Robin's ex Mark Long. Beth went and told Robin, causing a big blow-out and a reaction she wasn’t prepared for. Tonya went nuts after being slut shamed and confronts Beth in the middle of the night before infamously dunking her clothes and personal items into the swimming pool. What other show was doing this? After pissing off Tonya, the Bad Asses try to rig a mission to get rid of Beth. It backfires but Beth decides to bail and quit the show after accomplishing what she came there for. And what a brilliant move that was because once Beth left Tonya became the new target. 
Wicked witch of the Gauntlet: So Beth was back on Gauntlet 2, back to her usual routine of inserting herself into Robin's love life with Mark, and this time Jodi as the side piece. Luckily no luggage was thrown into the pool this time and the only person that got hurt was Mark’s fist in the morning after punching a dent into the night bus. Beth on her veteran team was dangerous for many reasons: she could start drama, purposely cost her team missions and potentially send home majority of the girls in the eliminations which were predominantly physical. Once the Vets finally got sick of Beth they made the decision to throw her in the Gauntlet with the hopes that Ruthie, their team captain, would take her out. Reverse Tug-O-War was the selected elimination and Ruthie’s fate was sealed, Beth destroyed her and became the new team captain. Beth topped her victory off with the evilest witch cackle and twiddling fingers. Once Beth had power in the game everyone was walking on eggshells, trying to get on her good side, especially her old rival Montana. Well, it didn’t work because Beth crushed her in Reverse Tug-O-War too. It wasn’t until Aneesa stepped up to be the one to finally take down Beth in the Gauntlet and Beth decided to walk a second time on this show, refusing to battle Aneesa in Beach Brawl.
Bethasaurus: You'd think Beth wouldn't get a call back for being a two-time quiter, right? Maybe in this new era. Beth came back on The Duel which would be one of her best showing yet. She was unbothered and unbruised by her punch to the face by Tina, she formed an alliance with the outsiders, won a mission and posed as a physical threat to the Drama Mafia. Things were looking up for Beth until she got on her own alliances nerves and was called into the Duel and defeated by Svetlana on a technicality. It was Beth’s season to potentially place second and she went home on an upset.
Beth’s heart belongs to a ‘roni: Beth not only orchestrated drama on this show, she fabricated her own “love” story with her sweet tenderoni, Nehemiah! It was a one-sided love affair and Beth insisted that Nehemiah was “drawn to her like a moth to a flame” while witch laughing and twiddling her fingers again. But it was Beth that had a schoolgirl crush and on Gauntlet 3, Nehemiah let her have it in front of the whole house for leading the world on to believe they had hooked up during The Duel. Clearly Beth was just playing Nehemiah just to get him on her side for support and some type of help in the challenges. 
Match-up of the Century: Her last challenge would be Gauntlet 3. The new generation of JEK was in charge, and while a vet like Coral was new to being outside of the cool kids club, Beth was back to knowing she was unwanted on a team - nothing new here. Then came the moment where Beth was a victim of the Veterans “trim the fat” bs. What can be said about this elimination round? It wasn’t Evelyn vs Laurel, but the two biggest female names in Challenge history finally face off and it was in a physical game. Deemed the match of the century, Coral was forced to face Beth in the Ball Brawl Gauntlet. Although the two of them got along at this point, it was exciting to see the two goat it even though Coral ended up with the victory. But maybe Beth wanted the results to turn out that way?
Beth will go down as one of the Challenge’s first villians and most hated cast member. Her legacy of being a snake and instigator and ability to start endless drama will truly be remembered. The way she manipulated situations for TV purposes makes her an honorary producer of some sort. No one to ever play this game was as disliked and as disqualified as Beth, she is top tier Reality tv Villain.

Essential Season(s): Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Seasons, Inferno II, Gauntlet 2, Duel

Era Standing:

#20. Irulan
#19. Holly S.
#18. Jamie
#17. Kendal
#16. Ayanna
#15. Belou
#14. Ellen
#13. Sarah G.
#12. Julie
#11. Trishelle
#10. Tina
#09. Emily B.
#08. Beth

08. Jenn

AVG: 7.23
Remember when Jenn was a rookie that worked hard to earn the respect from her teammates, veterans and viewers? After competing on her first three Challenges Jenn arguably became one of the most entitled females this show has ever seen, that claimed she didn’t have to go into elimination because she was a veteran. Jenn was smoking hot, a badass to its highest degree and fiesty for days. She wasn’t the best competitor but she was scrappy, which made it great to see her in eliminations when we could. 
Chubby Civilian Girl: On Inferno 3, Jenn assumed that because she was new and none of the Good Guys females liked her, she would be picked to into the inferno every time - and she was right. Jenn was voted in the whole way through and saw multiple Infernos over seasoned teammates who arguably deserved to be in there before her. Over time she began to get frustrated but bit her tongue “like any rookie should” and took one for the team throughout the season before eventually losing to Susie, who antagonized Jenn every time they were put up against each other. Clearly Susie was intimidated by Jenn, as she demanded her female teammates to throw missions so she wouldn’t have to face her. One of the best moments of Jenn in the Inferno was when Jenn pulled off an upset victory over Rachel M. who had the lead in a jousting competition but lost to Jenn by one point. Rachel had a hiccupy-sobbing meltdown and ran away without even saying goodbye. 
Earning stripes...again: Jenn would go onto her second challenge, The Island, making the final but stood no chance against JEK as she watched their alliance plus Ev swiftly paddle away to an obvious first place win. But at least she got to explore her bisexuality by hooking up with Rachel R. which would lead to their storyline on Duel II. Despite being friendly with some of the vets, Jenn was never called at the top of the lists, not even by Rachel who she immediately told she did not need her vote in order to excel in the game. So there goes another season where Jenn is in the smaller alliance battling it out week after week. Her focus often drifted towards Rachel again, claiming to be heartbroken by how Rachel was avoiding her on Duel II.  If you were worried that her bad romance was a distraction that took her head out of the game, Jenn sprained her shoulder during a mission putting a hindrance on her chances even more. But like the fighter she was Jenn sticks it out and wins some Duels before getting the boot. Jenn became the Push Over queen beating Katie, a weaker competitor but scrappy, and Kimberly, a strong rookie twice her size before finally losing to Diem, while Jenn was injured.
The Vet Card: With the nature of Fresh Meat II Jenn was not only a vet this time but had the opportunity as an alum to have some control. This was where her entitlement took over. She had an incredible athlete of a partner, Noor, that she could rely on and an attitude that could not be tested. Ask Mandi, she felt the wrath of Jenn by getting the shit mushed out of her face for even questioning Jenn's gameplay and status in the game. On Cutthroat, Jenn avoided eliminations because of her new vet status, all of her teammates were eliminated sans Emily S. who even went into elimination to prove herself instead of Jenn. 
Queen plays a King and a Misfit: Then we had the first season of Rivals, Jenn teamed up with Mandi, made enemies with Cara Maria and exes with Adam King. Adam revealed his yearlong crushing for Jenn. Once they both appeared on Rivals, she turned around lead him on and talked a lot of shit about him behind his back by saying she had to be black-out-drunk before even considering Mr. King. Then came Jenn and Cara Maria’s fight towards the end of Rivals. Cara Maria proposed that Jenn & Mandi get thrown into the final elimination after staying under the radar and avoiding it the whole season. In the process Cara doubted Jenn’s relationship with Adam and in return Jenn makes fun of Cara and her relationship with Abe. The claws come out and the two had to be separated before it got even uglier. Jenn still avoided elimination and made finals, placing third yet again.
Jenn spent her last three seasons playing both sides of the major alliances of Wes and Kenny/Johnny, but we all know which side she ultimately chose. Once the JEK mob let her in Jenn made sure she didn’t see anymore eliminations again. By showing her loyalty to the top names of The Challenge, Jenn made it into the finals that she finished last in every time, losing to tougher competition. Jenn’s not one to be walked on...her entitlement, her feistiness and “bullying” will have her most remembered in the era. However, in her early days, Jenn was recognized for all the right seasons and that was the competition she brought before she become a vet.

Essential Season(s): Inferno 3, Duel II, Fresh Meat II, Rivals

Era Standing:

#20. Aviv
#19. Shauvon
#18. Ibis
#17. Brittini
#16. Johanna
#15. Tori
#14. Kina
#13. Robin
#12. Cara Z.
#11. Kimberly
#10. Jillian
#09. Svetlana
#08. Jenn

08. Theresa

AVG: 7.38
What sets Theresa apart of from peers like Nany, Camila and Cara Maria was her instant involvement in the actual social aspect of gameplay even as a rookie. Okay, most of the time it was terrible gameplay and entertaining, and that's better than doing absolutely nothing or following the crowd?
Mr. Beautiful or Master Manipulator: Fresh Meat 2’s main storyline was Kenny vs Wes. Whether it was strategy or not, the hot piece of fresh meat Theresa had desires to lay with one of Wes and Kenny. Thus, inserting herself into the love pentagon of Kenny, Wes, and all the other parties. Despite Kenny’s professed disavowal of interest, this triangle was still a thing this season. Her alumni partner Ryan was aligned with Kenny and Theresa pursued Wes who she had a steamy makeout session with out in the open. Here's where Theresa teases that she can be unpredictable in a deliberation: Kenny manages to pull Jillian, Jenn and Ryan into his alliance, but was still outnumbered. So while it didn't matter because Kenny and Laurel were still going in, Theresa decided not to vote with her partner. Of course! Theresa didn’t vote with Ryan because she crushed on Wes and didn’t want him to go home. This put her team in an iffy spot, Kenny didn't know if they could be trusted and it was bad enough the two couldn't be counted on to win anything. The love triangle ended when Wes seemed pretty upset to discover that he was Theresa’s second choice because Theresa wanted to pursue Kenny originally. Then what completely derailed their relationship was when she found out via Evelyn that Wes and Kelly Anne were not so over and hooked up the weekend before Fresh Meat II started. An Exes 2 pair was born. Ryan and Theresa seemed more interested in drinking, hooking up, and having fun, than playing to win. They were the weakest team left and went home last.
Psychological Warfare: Theresa made an even bigger mark on Cutthroat by proving she can be a decent player on her own but also a conniving one. Theresa decided to get into a rookie Camila's head by accusing Camila of stealing and getting under her skin, hoping to rattle her teammates’ opponent the night before the Gulag. The two got into each others faces, and now a Rivals pair was born. Theresa may have gotten Camila to cry but her plan ultimately didn’t work, Camila won the first Gulag; both Brandon and Camila pulled the competition out, leaving Blue with only eight remaining contestants. Theresa laid low since and performed well until it was her time to go into elimination. And an anticlimactic battle it was. Tori beat Theresa in the Gulag, but not really. Theresa beat heavy hitter Tina, but Tina was weakened from going against Theresa first and lost to Tori a lot faster, thus sending Theresa home. Still rookies in the game, Camila and Theresa as a pair seemed to be solid but they still lacked experience or friends on Rivals.Theresa found herself making enemies with rookies again by defending her partner who got into it with Jonna and Jasmine, getting under Jasmine’s skin mainly. Theresa knows how to push buttons and laugh about her antics afterwards. The duo of Theresa and Camila could have made it far, but they were out round 2 on the women’s side.
Burn votes: Then came Rivals 2. Theresa found herself in yet another love triangle. Leroy and Wes shared a bunk this season, but that wasn’t the only thing they have shared together...Theresa and Leroy hooked up in that very bunk forcing Wes to leave to room and develop a disliking for Leroy for going after his “seconds.” But Wes got his revenge when Theresa became notorious for her throw away votes. During the fifth Jungle deliberation Zach was determined to have Frank and Johnny sent into The Jungle, but no one wanted to vote that way. Theresa was the first to vote, decides to throw away their vote by saying Leroy and Ty. Nany and Jonna decide to do the same thing, thinking everyone else will vote for Jordan and Marlon. However, Diem, being the smart player she was realized this left an opening for her to vote for Leroy as well, saving her ally Bananas from seeing the Jungle. Everyone  laughed at the girls’ inability to vote correctly. Only Theresa would burn a vote on the guy she’s sleeping with. CT said it best: “Leroy and his gang of girls are so caught up in burning votes to skate by that they burn themselves.” Theresa cried and beat herself up over this voting but Leroy being the nice guy didn’t fault Theresa for it and won his Jungle.
Masteress’ Manipulator: On her first individual Challenge Theresa was desperate to see that final, and she knew that mainly Laurel stood in her way. So Theresa got the girls side to go on a witch hunt to vote in Laurel. Then when it was her turn to vote, she burned it on someone else to save her own ass from having any blood on her hands. The plan backfired as Laurel faced little ole’ Jasmine, came back and orchestrated Theresa going into elimination right after. After potentially putting a target on Devyn for having her vote Theresa’s way, Devyn took a jab at Theresa. But Theresa defeated Camila in their Looper elimination and survived a few more rounds before ultimately losing to Laurel in a puzzle. Her being a shady player continued to bite her in the ass during final voting...or Cara Maria was just being Cara Maria. During deliberation Bananas and Nany couldn’t reach a consensus between Cara and Theresa, Nany switched her vote, sending Cara in and Cara lashes out on Theresa who she claims was manipulating Nany into voting her in. It was totally not the case but Theresa was visibly upset that she is deemed the dirtiest player on The Challenge.
Catfight: Her last Challenge would be one of her best as she was one half of a strong Exes pair with a big target on their backs and was involved in one of the nastiest female rivalries in recent times. Wes and Theresa put on good performances and controlled the politics for most of the game.Theresa and Nany were friends up until this season. The rivalry began because of the “We Hate Nany Club.” Theresa, Nia and Averey, who was clearly upset because Nany and Reilly hooked up, gossiped about how slutty Nany was. It also didn’t help that both Theresa and Nany’s partners hated each other for years. After winning a challenge, Bananas and Nany contemplate sending Wes & Theresa for personal reasons, but ultimately didn’t send them in. Nany used deliberation time to confront Theresa who showed no remorse for her slut shaming, and the Nany and Theresa friendship was officially over. Theresa played it off like she didn’t care yet she cried and continued to hate and bicker with Nany all season.
Once Wes and Theresa won power couple, they took their shot at Bananas and Nany in hopes that a physically strong team could take them out. Leroy and Nia pull an upset and Bananas & Nany were eliminated early. Hell freezes over late in the season when TJ explains the Battle of the Exiled twist and reintroduces team Bananas & Nany as the current victors. Wes and Theresa’s worst nightmare came true when Bananas and Nany won the final exile against Zach and Jonna. Bananas regained power and rallied his troops to gang against Wes and Theresa, forcing them to go into their first dome. Hall Brawl with male and female heats was the game. Leroy dominates Wes who apparently injured his neck in the process. Nia gets a head start and powers Theresa but she put up a great fight as well. Nany would get her revenge and it ended Theresa’s time (momentarily) with no exile for her to battle back. Due to Nia’s DQ, Theresa is brought back to serve as Leroy’s new partner but she had to face Nany in elimination in order to participate in her first final. The final Dome was X-Battle where two people wrestle for possession of a metal X, first team with 2 wins takes the crown. Leroy out muscles Bananas and then it’s Nany and Theresa’s battle. The two square off in the most intense female elimination the season. It was dirty; tussling, wrestling, biting and kicks to the face. Eventually, Nany gasses out,Theresa is able to pin down Nany and kick the X out of her hands. Leroy and Theresa win and Bananas and Nany lose for good ending this rivalry once and for all with Theresa on top. In the end she made her first final after being screwed by a twist and placed 2nd.
Theresa is actually a decent competitor, but what we looked forward to the most was her antics regarding to the actual politics of the game that lead to endless drama. Any deliberation Theresa is in, you should expect a mess! Theresa is what Dirty 30 is missing, she is among one of the shadiest players among the females of the new-current era.

Essential Season(s): Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, Rivals II, Free Agents, Exes II

Era Standing:

#20. Jasmine
#19. Nicole R.
#18. Devyn
#17. Averey
#16. Jemmye
#15. Latoya
#14. Marie
#13. Jenna
#12. Jonna
#11. Camila
#10. Amanda
#09. Kailah
#08. Theresa

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