The Challenge: Champs vs Stars (Spoilers)

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New Spoilers:For challenges left to air we have: A basketball challenge, A giant soccer ball challenge, A soccer-like challenge where they're in oil , a lifesize foosball challenge,  and an underwater challenge (likely The Purge)The next people to leave are Ashley, Riff Raff, and TO, followed by whoever loses Wes vs. Romeo, and Shawn (not sure as to why there's an uneven number of males and females tho)Justina is seen participating in every single upcoming challenge, she might be eliminated during the PurgeThe final 5 stars consist of Matt, Adrienne, Josh, a male in elimination, and presumably another girlElimination match ups: Romeo vs Wes in an elimination upside down trying to reach a button, Shawn vs Aneesa/Tori in an elimination with hoops or rings, Bananas vs TBD in an elimination a square arena, Michelle vs TBD in an elimination with a ropeWhat's confusing: I think the purge where they eliminate 6 people is the underwater challenge which I thought was right before the final but the final 5 stars are seen at the square arena elimination (Josh, Matt, Adrienne, a guy in elimination, and presumably a girl) where it looks to be guy vs guy. What's confusing is that Riff Raff and TO are not in the final 13, and Josh+Matt are in not in that elimination so Romeo might win in his elimination versus Wes, but then the girls eliminations don't make sense. Justina is seen in every challenge,  but Kim presumably was on location the last day of filming. I think we're missing a challenge

lol ok I guess Riff Raff just decided to leave the set and didn't actually quit before Romeo left. I don't know whether or not he makes it to the Purge or not, but something doesn't seem right

i love this season tbh the cast is great